Posted by PrestoPundit on 05/07/2008

the candidate of corporate fat cats and university pin heads.  What do these folks have in common?  A leftist university education, a dependence on direct cash, cheap loans, grants and other benefits from the government — and a contempt for middle class Americans.  Worth quoting:

Obama’s remarks [about working class Pennsylvanians] reflect the emerging demographic transformation of the
Democratic party from a bottom-up “party of the people” into a holding
pen for all sorts of economic and educational elites. One way to [demonstrate]
this is to look at who has been making presidential campaign
contributions during the 2008 election cycle ..

Through May 1, the Democratic presidential field has suctioned up a
cool $5.7 million from the more than 4,000 donors who list their
occupation as “CEO.” The Republicans’ take was only $2.3 million. Chief
financial officers, general counsels, directors, and chief information
officers also break the Democrats’ way by more than two-to-one margins ..

Wall Street firms .. also
tilt decisively toward the Democrats. Employees in storied Wall Street
institutions such as Lehman Brothers, Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, and
Morgan Stanley have all favored the Democratic field by a large margin.
Even both sides of the recent Bear Stearns/JP Morgan Chase deal choose
Democratic candidates over Republicans by two-to-one margins ..

universities offer Democrats a hotbed of support. Professors favor
Democrats over Republicans by a nine-to-one margin ($3.7 million to
$430,000). Their students, though presumably struggling with sky-high
tuition bills, nevertheless sacrificed enough late-night pizza and
chips to send $4.1 million to their professors’ favorite candidates and
another $1.4 million to the GOP ..

The white-shirt/red-tie brigade of Republican presidential aspirants
holds a nearly three-to-one edge among janitors, custodians, cleaners,
sanitation workers, factory workers, truckers, bus drivers, barbers,
security guards, and secretaries. While Democrats command the financial
loyalty of architects, Republicans successfully woo contributions from
the skilled craftsmen who turn their blueprints into reality —
specifically, contractors, hardhats, plumbers, stonemasons,
electricians, carpenters mechanics, and roofers. This trend extends to
the saloons, where the Democrats carry the bartenders and the
Republicans the waitresses. The GOP field even secures more financial
support from teamsters, steelworkers, bricklayers, and autoworkers.


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