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FBI Allowed Mortgage Fraud

Posted by PrestoPundit on 01/29/2009

The FBI knew about massive mortgage fraud, but used it’s resources on other things.

On my very short street, two houses were part of a mortgage fraud scam.  The mortgage scammers paid criminals to “buy” the houses, and then let them default, at huge multi-hundred thousand dollar markups over what the scammers had originally paid for the houses.  Prostitutes lived in one of the houses, and folks who dumbed their garbage in the backyard lived in the other house.  The FBI refused to investige, the local police refused to investigate — no one cared.  It was business as usuall in America.

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Posted by gregransom on 01/26/2009

“What we have is an unequal distribution of capitalism.” — Rush Limbaugh on the problem of world inequality.

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Was George Bush Our Woodrow Wilson?

Posted by gregransom on 01/25/2009

David Warsh takes a look.

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Worst President Poll

Posted by gregransom on 01/25/2009

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Bruce Bartlett Explains the Changing Macroeconomic Censensus

Posted by gregransom on 01/25/2009

A short and mostly accurate history of “mainstream” thinking on fiscal and monetary policy.

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“Helping” Minorities By Kicking Them In The Teeth

Posted by PrestoPundit on 01/21/2009

That’s essentially what the Clinton/Bush housing loan manipulation program was all about.  Once again we see that “good intentions” without a thought for consequences are an excellent way to make the world a worse place.

In order to “help” minorities Clinton, Bush and the Congress created a massive financial crisis — and destroyed the credit ratings of thousands of minorities.  Good work, guys.

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“Taking Hayek Seriously”

Posted by PrestoPundit on 01/20/2009

I’ve got my “Taking Hayek Seriously” blog and web site up and running again, after struggling with software problems.

My first posting is on Hayek and Keynes.

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