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Posted by PrestoPundit on 02/29/2008

when you’re a mother working with $500,000+ a year in the family budget (and likely much more than that.)

And if your wondering why medical cost are out of control and tuition
costs continue to sky rocket, consider that a university hospital is
paying Michelle Obama $300,000+ a year to do “community outreach”.  The more she talks the more I get that creepy “John Edwards” feeling about Mrs. Obama.

But it’s actually bigger than that.  In a very short time I’ve come from a point where I, like everyone else, thought these were rather likable people to a place where I actually really don’t like Michelle & Barack Obama.  The more you learn about them the more your realize these are phonies and demagogues, political fixers with a toxic leftist ideology who haven’t been honest about who they are and were they come from politically.

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Posted by PrestoPundit on 02/29/2008

has more on Bush’s fake fence.  This isn’t the first time Americans have been had by this President.

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Posted by PrestoPundit on 02/28/2008

was as good as a real fence.  Well, they lied.  The incompetence of the Bush government is a thing of marvels.

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Posted by PrestoPundit on 02/27/2008

and they believe the Times has made an explicit effort to damage the John McCain campaign.

We’ve come to the point where the NY Times is a damaged brand name, it’s been turning out partisan crap and calling it news for years now, and the public knows it.

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Posted by PrestoPundit on 02/27/2008

William F. Buckley Jr., Friedrich von Hayek and George Roche

BILL BUCKLEY HAS DIED.  Here’s the NY Times obit. Reactions at National Review’s The Corner and memeorandum.

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Posted by PrestoPundit on 02/27/2008

takes a look at how violent fascists on the left found a happy home in “liberal” America.

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Posted by PrestoPundit on 02/27/2008


Overly broad charges against [Obama] are dangerous. Republicans will
make a mistake if they take to calling him “too liberal for America.”
He is too liberal, but they need to make the charge specific point by
specific point. If they try to pigeonhole him as a liberal, he will
refuse to perch in such a hole. He is a golden falcon, not a fat
pigeon. He will swoop down verbally on his accuser and point out how he
is not liberal at all on that point — but his accuser’s record is.

For instance, if he is accused of being in bed with the teachers
union, he will point out (even while still in his pajamas after a motel
night with the union, metaphorically speaking) that he once told a
Milwaukee newspaper he was open to considering vouchers — even though
he is against them — if it would be good for the kids. Make no
mistake, this guy isn’t only good with inspirational rhetoric; when it
comes to policy slipperiness, he makes Bill Clinton look slow-witted
and honest.

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Posted by PrestoPundit on 02/26/2008

to get the DRAFT SARAH PALIN for Vice President movement up and rolling.  Imagine how the arguments against Palin would boomerang against Barack Obama.  They’d say that Palin doesn’t have the experience — but she actually has years and years of executive experience.  Obama has, let’s see, oh yes.  None.  They tout Barack Obama as a “community organizer” — Palin actually “organized” real communities as a mayor, on the city council, and in dozens of civic organizations.  Obama was a hired agent of a left wing 60’s style political “charity”, a political organizer working with actual 60’s era terrorists and bombers. 

I’m sure leftists, Democrats and big city journalists would make fun of were Palin is from — the podunks of Alaska and Idaho — and they’ll suggest she comes from a place so isolated and alien from the rest of America that she can’t understand the country.  That will score big points contrasting with a candidate who came of age in the isolated left-wing Ivory Tower of several elite private universities, a candidate who took many of his first history and civics lessons in Indonesia, and who says his greatest influences were his “fellow traveler” mother (as described by her oldest friends) and the various leftist mentors, friends, and university pals he met through the years, folks who were big fans of Fanon, Alinsky, Farrakhan, and other from the fascist left.

We can’t depend on the “go along with the left, to get along with the left” Republicans to get the message out that will defeat the Democrats.  George Bush wouldn’t do it in 2004 — the New Media and outside campaign organization did the job George Bush wouldn’t do to win the 2004 election.  The same will be the case with John McCain.  Not only don’t these guys have the inclination, they don’t have the smarts or the knowledge or the talent. 

So it’s our job.  If we don’t do it for them, they’ll lose like George Bush would have lost in 2004.  Sit around and we’ll get a ticket like 1996 with Dole-Kemp.  We’ve already sat on our hands a let the top of the ticket get away from us.  We can turn this thing around — by drafting PALIN FOR VICE PRESIDENT.

Let’s do it.

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Posted by PrestoPundit on 02/25/2008

on Barack Obama’s little problem of his history of involvement with the fascist left:

[60’s terrorists] Ayers and Dohrn are simply the most visible of the far left supporters who propelled Barack Obama’s early political career .. I should add that I don’t believe Obama is a dangerous man in the sense
he would overturn the government and turn the US into some gigantic
gulag. But if the voters knew the half of it, Obama would have been
marginalized as a far left liberal as surely as Dennis Kucinich.

Rather naively, Moran asks:

Will the media expose Obama? Will they criticize Senator McCain if he
tries to paint Obama as a radical? Will they dig deep into Obama’s
associations and associates to discover the truth?

The answer, of course, is certainly no, they won’t.

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Posted by PrestoPundit on 02/25/2008

by Tom Hanks’s humiliating use of American servicemen as propaganda stooges for the Hollywood left?

Hollywood spends all year and a few hundred million dollars emboldening the enemy and undercutting the mission of our troops in Iraq this year, but now tries to make up for it by having some Iraq troops as presenters.

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