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Posted by PrestoPundit on 03/26/2008

take the next week and a half off to work on “Greg’s Guide to Barack Obama’s Dreams From My Father”.  If anything strikes my fancy in the mean time I’ll post it right here.  Check back April 7.

THE CIVIL WAR in the Democrat party is a culture and economic war between traditional Jacksonian Democrats for Clinton versus government dependent bureaucrats and academics for Obama explains Michael Barone.  Quotable:

Academics and public employees (and of course .. academics in the United States are [on the government payroll]) love the arts of
peace and hate the demands of war. Economically, defense spending
competes for the public-sector dollars that academics and public
employees think are rightfully their own. More important, I think,
warriors are competitors for the honor that academics and public
employees think rightfully belongs to them. Jacksonians, in contrast,
place a high value on the virtues of the warrior and little value on
the work of academics and public employees. They have, in historian David Hackett Fischer’s phrase,
a notion of natural liberty: People should be allowed to do what they
want, subject to the demands of honor. If someone infringes on that
liberty, beware: The Jacksonian attitude is, “If you attack my family
or my country, I’ll kill you.”


[The racist Rev.] Wright’s ability to give a popular and hard-edged spin to the
sophisticated academic theology of black liberation is what drew Obama
to Wright — who was the perfect bridge between Obama’s radical
intellectual world and the ethnic authenticity he lacked.

PETER WEHNER has some questions for Barack Obama.

TALK ABOUT TAKING MONEY out of the community.  Obama uses the voice of other people to attack Jews and Koreans for “taking money out” of black neighborhoods.  How about taking money out of the poorest black neighborhoods through your own church?  Take a look at this story about Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s 10,000+ square foot home in a gated community.  In his book Obama quotes Wright attacking “middle class” blacks who move out of the crime-racked poor neighborhoods.

MORE LIES, bullshit, or what ever  you want to call it from Barack Obama:

[My pastor Jeremiah Wright has] acknowledged that what
he had said had deeply offended people and [and the things he said] were inappropriate and
mischaracterized what I believe is the greatness of this country ..

BARACK OBAMA plays the race card — calls his critics racists.  Did you notice this:

Obama:  “This is somebody that was preaching three sermons at least a week for
30 years and it got boiled down … into a half-minute sound clip and
just played it over and over and over again, partly because it spoke to
some of the racial divisions we have in this country.”

WALTER WILLIAMS on Barack Obama — you’re no Jackie Robinson:

For the nation and for black people, the
first black president should be the caliber of a Jackie Robinson and
Barack Obama is not. Barack Obama has charisma and charm but in terms
of character, values and understanding, he is no Jackie Robinson. By
now, many Americans have heard the racist and anti-American tirades of
Obama’s minister and spiritual counselor. There’s no way that Obama
could have been a 20-year member of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s church
and not been aware of his statements.
Wright’s racist and anti-American ideas are by no means
unique. They are the ideas of many leftist professors and taught to our
young people. The basic difference between Sen. Obama, Wright and
leftist professors is simply a matter of style and language ..

HOW STUPID is John McCain?  This stupid.  John McCain wasn’t at the bottom of his Naval Academy class for no reason.

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Posted by PrestoPundit on 03/26/2008

has The Quote Of The Day:

Maybe it’s just me, but aren’t most of the people begging for a “new
conversation” on race the same folks who shouted “racist!” at anyone
who disagreed with them during all the previous conversations?

.. To my
un-rehabilitated ear, [these folks sound] like an old Soviet apparatchik[s]
saying that what the USSR really needs is an open and frank
conversation about the importance of communism ..

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Posted by PrestoPundit on 03/25/2008

Hillary Clinton says, “[Jeremiah Wright] would not have been my pastor.”

That Barack Obama, he’s such a uniter.

Hillary Clinton has decided to fight for the Democratic nomination — and I’m betting that Obama’s embrace of the racist rev. Wright is going to prove a loser with the American people.

The Democrat Party and it’s Super Delegate leadership is at an historic turning point, and the question is at what price will they continue to buy off the most radical elements of their political base among left-leaning African-Americans.  Clinton and Obama have put the choice out in front of them, and the identity of the Democratic Party among all Americans, white or black, will be established by this choice.  And the choice is between a Democratic party which allies itself with anti-white hate and anti-American hate and a party which clearly rejects these as outside the limits of civic behavior.  It’s an important choice for America, and may determine the outcome of the November election.

Obama said he wanted a national dialog on race, and it looks like he’s got one ..

UPDATE:  Here’s the video:

And Hillary Clinton saying the same thing again at her the press conference:

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Posted by PrestoPundit on 03/25/2008

versus what Obama does.  Studies repeatedly show that conservatives typically give a far larger percentage of the income to charity than do leftists.  It’s just a fact.  And it’s something you should remember every time you hear a leftist speak.

And who does Obama give his money to?  Leading the list are race-based political organizations like Rev. Wright’s church and the Congressional Black Caucus.

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Posted by PrestoPundit on 03/25/2008

the Obama smear against her is giving her nightmares staring Jesse Jackson ..

You know .. Bill, this has upset me. I actually had a dream the other night about Jesse Jackson,
we were both much younger and he’s saying don’t worry about this. That’s
not healthy, and I will tell you what else I’m getting. I got an email
from, a very educated thoughtful long email, and this guy said to me,
I’m an African American, I’m a man and he says he’s 33 years old and he
is under the impression that I am saying that any black man who has
achieved anything has achieved it simply because they’re black. Now,
that is not who I said ..

I have got to tell you something, the reaction
on the Obama campaign, Bill, was awful. It was emails, voice mails, hate
mail, not only for me, but it also went to my law firm. It went to the
board of a public company that I’m on. It went to the board of NDI.

I mean, I can’t believe that this people actually wanted to have my – got me fired.

HEMMER: So, both sides are throwing stones?

No, it’s worse than that. This is — first, they distorted my view and
then they wanted to punish me for not backing down and saying, yes, I’m
sorry, I was wrong. I wasn’t wrong and I won’t back down and say that.
And the fact that you distort my words doesn’t mean it’s going to

Ferraro isn’t taking this lying down, she’s pushing back, letting it be know that she thinks Obama’s church has been teaching racism to little children:

I think what [Obama is] trying to do is he’s trying
to balance, you know, what the Reverend Wright has said with his
grandmother’s comments and my comments, and, you know, it really
doesn’t work.

But what is sad to me, I’ve read
through the speech .. is that Senator
Obama doesn’t recognize that his grandmother said something to him or I
said something to a small group, is not equivalent in any way to what
comes out of the mouth of Reverend Wright, that we were not speaking to
actually generations of young people.

And, you
know, race is taught. Babies aren’t born knowing differences in color,
gender, religions. You know, they’re taught those things. They’re
taught them at home. They’re taught in the schools. They’re taught in
the churches ..

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Posted by PrestoPundit on 03/25/2008

Thomas Sowell, on Barack Obama and The Audacity of Rhetoric:

It is painful to watch defenders of Barack Obama tying themselves into knots trying to evade the obvious ..

Barack Obama’s own account of his life shows that he consciously
sought out people on the far left fringe. In college, “I chose my
friends carefully,” he said in his first book, “Dreams From My Father.” These friends included “Marxist professors and structural feminists
and punk rock performance poets” — in Obama’s own words — as well as
the “more politically active black students.” ..

Obama didn’t just happen to encounter Jeremiah Wright, who just
happened to say some way out things. Jeremiah Wright is in the same
mold as the kinds of people Barack Obama began seeking out in college
— members of the left, anti-American counter-culture. In Shelby Steele’s brilliantly insightful book about Barack Obama
— “A Bound Man” — it is painfully clear that Obama was one of those
people seeking a racial identity that he had never really experienced
in growing up in a white world. He was trying to become a convert to
blackness, as it were — and, like many converts, he went overboard.

Read the rest of this entry »

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Posted by PrestoPundit on 03/25/2008

Dreams For My Fatheraudio clips from the Hugh Hewitt show.  FCC regulations required Hugh to bleep out a number of words — Hugh seems to have selected these clips for the  entertainment value of listening to a Presidential candidate swear.  It would have been more entertaining — and more authentic I’m sure — to have clips of Navy man John McCain swearing, perhaps at a Reagan conservative.

The thing to note in these clips is Obama’s genuine talent for taking on the persona of other people — this goes beyond good acting into something more like ventriloquism.

And be aware that the character Ray is a stand in for the views of Obama himself, according to Obama’s childhood friend.

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Posted by PrestoPundit on 03/24/2008

upbringing and attended a most mostly Jewish, mostly white integrated high school: “Rev.
Wright had a comfortable upper-middle class upbringing. It was hardly
the scene of poverty and indignity suggested by Senator Obama to
explain what he calls Wright’s anger and what I describe as his hatred.”  Wright’s race hate against whites, America and Israel seems to have others sources than the Jim Crow laws of the Deep South.

UPDATE:  Here’s Wright on Louis Farrakhan.

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Posted by PrestoPundit on 03/24/2008

that Barack Obama was writing fiction rather than a factual autobiography when he wrote Dreams For My Father — and Steve Sailer suggests what we’ll be getting for President is not the post-racial Presidency but Zelig in the White House.

I’ll be posting “Greg’s Guide to Barack Obama’s Dreams For My Father” here on PrestoPundit in the next week or two.  What I have found is the same thing Sailer has found — Obama’s book is largely a work of invention — fiction — in both the best and worse senses of the word.  Much of the book and even the dialog seems borrowed from what Barack has watched on television or studied at college.  Some of it is obvious fiction, impossible to be anything other than fiction.  But I’ll fill you in on the details when I post my “Greg’s Guide.”

UPDATE:  Christopher Hitchens on Obama and his pastor:

To have accepted Obama’s smooth apologetics is to have lowered one’s
own pre-existing standards for what might constitute a post-racial or a
post-racist future. It is to have put that quite sober and realistic
hope, meanwhile, into untrustworthy and unscrupulous hands. And it is
to have done this, furthermore, in the service of blind faith. Mark my
words: This disappointment is only the first of many that are still to

Also — more evidence that the theology of Obama’s church — a theology which condemns the idea of heaven — is well outside the mainsteam of American Christianity, whatever Obama might claim.  (But perhaps Obama can be excused by this:  if we are to believe his autobiography, what Obama knows of Christianity comes almost entirely from the good Rev. Wright.)

And now, your Quote Of The Day:

One of the keys to Obama’s strategy in getting himself off the hook is
convincing whites that Wright’s beliefs, however regrettable they may
be, are thoroughly mainstream in black America and therefore
inescapable .. Thus does the new great national conversation on race begin with a lie,
smearing untold millions of blacks who don’t follow people like Wright
in order to excuse a guy who did for 20 years.

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Posted by PrestoPundit on 03/23/2008

 If Barack Obama wants to have an honest discussion of race, let’s have it:

The harsh truth is, much of the anger he speaks of is based on
paranoia manifesting in urban legends about whites creating AIDS to
kill blacks or crack cocaine to lock them up. Wright spreads these
pernicious lies in Obama’s church, and Obama has rewarded him with
$23,000 a year in donations ..

Intellectually honest blacks, such as Shelby Steele, will tell you
that racism is such a distant memory that racial victimologists like
Wright are now left with concocting wild-eyed conspiracy theories to
maintain their power. They see their power slipping, so “they rub racism in the face of
whites,” said Steele, who like Wright and Obama hails from Chicago’s
South Side.

It’s self-serving black leaders such as Wright who hold back blacks
today. In fact, Steele says their victim-focused, racial-identity
politics has stifled black advancement more than racism itself. “The No. 1 black problem is not racism,” Steele says, it’s groupism
and a desperate clinging to the black power movement of the ’60s.
Obama’s church requires members to pledge allegiance to this movement,
recast as the “Black Value System.”

“The pursuit of black power is the worst thing we can do,” Steele
said. “It’s the kiss of death,” because it falsely convinces blacks
they can’t succeed on their own as individuals in “racist white
America,” a mantra at Obama’s church of hate.

The ignorance and paranoia is bred by something called “black
liberation theology,” preached by Wright and his own mentor, Rev. James
H. Cone. This theology is the core of the “black experience” and “black
perspective” and “legacy of the African-American church” that whites
are told they wouldn’t understand.

Now that Obama has opened the dialogue about race in America, we
need to talk frankly about what this “theology” means to blacks. According to Cone’s writings and lectures, it teaches them that
Jesus was black and blacks are the chosen people, and that the white
man is “the devil.”

It also teaches that black values are superior to American values,
and as Cone himself has said, “all white men are responsible for white
oppression” and will be held accountable and unforgiven until blacks
are “completely emancipated” from white society.

We need to take these beliefs out of the shadows ..

UPDATE:   David Victor Hanson talks honestly about Barack Obama’s call for a national conversation on race:

.. does Obama realize that the last thing he needs right now is a real
conversation on race that would deal by needs with disproportionate
illegitimacy, drug usage, crime, the values espoused in rap music,
anti-Semitism, and black racism — as well as undeniable long-standing
white racial prejudice? Such an honest discussion might well
alienate his base of white elites and African-Americans that is rapidly
becoming his only constituency — and is never held not because America is
“afraid of talking about race” but because millions don’t wish to be
demonized as racists for introducing unpleasant realities into the

And we know from his record that Obama has no desire to talk honestly — if you’ve read his autobiography you know his greatest fear in life is to found out as an  “inauthentic” black man — and his ticket to “authenticity” throughout his life has been to surround himself with left of center anti-white, anti-corporate, anti-American black anger.  Really.  Buy a copy and read for yourself.  Or read a few articles about “black liberation theology”, Trinity church, and Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

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