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Posted by PrestoPundit on 01/31/2008

Brian Bilbray, the recently elected North County Congressman, endorsed Mitt Romney today.

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Posted by PrestoPundit on 01/31/2008

Mark Levin would like you to think again.

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Alternative headlines: 






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Posted by PrestoPundit on 01/31/2008

has a significant capacity for dishonesty in the service of his ambition for power. That’s the new thing I’ve learned about the Arizona senator this campaign season.  The most significant McCain dishonest is not his willful mischaracterization of Romney’s record on the Iraq war. Rather, it’s McCain’s dishonesty about his hostility to Supreme Court justices who believe in following the words of that document, rather than their own policy preferences.  This dishonesty is now well-documented from multiple sources who tell identical accounts of McCain’s true opinions of Justice Alito.

One thing few pundits have noticed is to what extent McCain’s own temperament is ill fitting with a judicial temperament which respects the original meaning of the Constitution.  McCain is an incredibly willful person with a contempt for views contrary to his own preferences, preferences which often align closely with his own interests.  He’s not a man very respectful of barriers between him and what he thinks he should have.  Even the barrier of common public civility is often violated by McCain.  One thing we have no reason to believe he’ll have that much respect for if it proves a barrier to his own preferences is the Constitution.   He’s already show  great  contempt for the Constitution with his repeated attacks on the 1st Amendment of the Constitution — attacks which the Supreme Court itself have turned back even within the last year.

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Posted by PrestoPundit on 01/30/2008

The Bush stimulus package rushing through the House of Representatives will put a Federal check in the hands of millions of illegal aliens — all of those with an IRS “taxpayer identification numbers”.  Most of these illegals pay little or no taxes.  And yes, you heard that right.  In a typical politician’s lie, millions of people who pay no taxes will get what President Bush and your Congressman are calling a “tax rebate”, even when millions of those checks are going to people who are not taxpayers, and therefore have contributed nothing to the country which can be rebated.  Source — CNN: “People who did not pay federal income taxes but who had earned income
of more than $3,000 would get checks of $300 per individual or $600 per

I can’t tell you how sick I am of the Bush Presidency or how ready I am for it to end.  If we’re going to get stupidity and dishonesty on this kind of scale, we might as well be getting it from a Democrat President who doesn’t burden us with Bush’s utterly bogus pretense of caring about the economic requirements of a successful functioning free society.

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Posted by PrestoPundit on 01/30/2008

isn’t satisfied learning that John McCain overwhelmingly attracts the large GOP “negative on Bush” vote.  He wants to know why.  Here are some suggestions:

  1. As much as many Americans don’t like war, even more of them don’t like losing wars.  John McCain has been Bush’s biggest critic on how to fight this war.  And the success of the surge and the firing of Rumsfeld seems to have proven him right.  Steve and others might not see it that way, but many GOP voters do.
  2. McCain is winning the “fiscal conservative” vote by wide margins because he’s the anti-Bush when it comes to spending and fiscal sanity with the budget.  The one thing that has been missing from the “fiscal conservatism” of the Bush / Club for Growth / WSJ / Sean Hannity “fiscal conservatives” has been, well, fiscal conservatism.  McCain has credibility on restraining spending, cutting pork, and closing the budget deficit gap.  Bush has a record on fiscal indiscipline that makes LBJ look like Calvin Coolidge.  In Florida, about half of all GOP voters believed controlling the budget deficit was more important to them than the promise of future tax cuts (a rather pie-in-the sky Bush-like promise if you look at the required spending outlays already on the books, including the millions of Baby Boomers now moving out of the tax producing workforce and onto the tax sucking Federal dole.)
  3. Since December, when most people first started paying attention, John McCain has been running hard as the “secure the borders first” candidate.  This may seem bizarre to those who closely follow politics all year round, but polls clearly show he’s fooling large segments of voting population, pulling in significant percentages of those who reject amnesty and want to control the border.

I’ll add more later.

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Posted by PrestoPundit on 01/30/2008

what Clinton did to the Democrats, says Jonah Goldberg.  For my own part let me suggest that the Clinton Presidency, on an array of metrics, was better for American than the Bush Presidency.  And there’s a further important difference.  The damage done by Clinton to the Democrats and the country was mostly short term.  The damage Bush has done to the GOP and the nation will far more lasting in its effects.

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Posted by PrestoPundit on 01/30/2008

the worst part for the Right is that McCain will have won the
nomination while ignoring, insulting and, as of this weekend,
shamelessly lying about conservatives and conservatism.

think he supported amnesty six months ago? You think he was squishy on
tax cuts and judicial nominees before? Wait until he has the power to
anger every conservative in America, and feel good about it.

Michael Graham

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Posted by PrestoPundit on 01/29/2008

vote continues to power John McCain to the Republican nomination.  If we take a look at the Florida exit polls, we see that Romney handily defeated McCain 35% to 31% among GOP voters who have a positive opinion of the Bush Presidency.  But McCain crushed Romney 2-1 among those voters who are not satisfied with the Presidency of George W. Bush.  This huge negative on Bush vote provided McCain with his comfortable victory margin over Romney in Florida.

And one has to think this has something to do with it:  Florida Republicans are split just about 50-50 over whether reducing the budget deficit is more important, or if additional tax cuts are more important.  Romney narrowly edged out McCain among voters who see tax cuts as more important, but McCain topped Romney by a full 15 percentage points among those who identify the budget deficit problem as more important.

Romney also had problems with the Hispanic vote and the amnesty for illegal aliens vote.  Romney narrowly edged McCain among white voters, but lost to McCain more than 3-1 among Hispanic voters.  Romney also edged out McCain among voters who are opposed to amnesty for illegal aliens, but McCain’s 2-1 edge among voters who favor amnesty gave McCain more than the margin he needed to win Florida.

If Romney is going to win the Republican nomination he must find a way to pull in the significant segment of Republican voters who have a negative opinion of the Bush Presidency, and who are now turning to McCain as their hope for a significant improvement on Bush’s performance in the Presidency. Closely tied to this, Romney must attract the large segment of  Republican voters who are more concerned with the nation’s enormous and growing budget deficit than they are with George Bush-style tax cuts promises, in the face an out of control political class and a retiring baby boom generation.  Finally, Romney needs to do much better among Republicans who are opposed to amnesty for illegal aliens.  During the campaign McCain has represented himself as a “control the borders first” guy, in contradiction to everything he’s ever done on the issue of amnesty for illegal aliens.  This false pose has won McCain a big slice of the anti-amnesty voters, a vote Romney must take back if he is to win the GOP nomination.  And no where is this more true than it is in California, the biggest delegate prize of them all.

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Posted by PrestoPundit on 01/28/2008

this time on earmarks, pushing action on the nation’s problem on into the years after his own Presidency has ended.  Read about it here and here.  Most of us at this point have had enough of Bush’s kick-the-can act.

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