Posted by PrestoPundit on 05/07/2008

rips the Main Stream Media for journalistic malpractice in its failure to do investigative reporting on Barack Obama.  Actually, give the journalistic malpractice of the 2004 race, this isn’t so much a news story as a developing long-term trend.  Every case of investigative journalism cited by the good professor is at least two or more decades in the past.

UPDATE:  John Hawkins:

There are a lot of great lines in [in the professors article on Obama], but no answer to the very obvious question; “What took so long?”

Well, we could just as easily ask, “What took the press so long to
cover the allegations by the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth back in

After all, the Swifties formed before Kerry captured the nomination
and his anti-war protesting wasn’t exactly a secret. Moreover, the
Swift Boat Vets were veterans, many of them had served with Kerry, they
were credible — more so than Kerry himself — and they actually blew
huge holes in some of Kerry’s stories.

Yet, despite the fact that they were getting enormous coverage on
talk radio and in the blogosphere, the mainstream media almost
completely ignored them until Kerry responded to them publicly and then
they simply aped the Democratic line, “Their allegations have been
disproven,” without ever giving their arguments a serious looksie.

Another clue that may help answer Don Campbell’s question was the
huge outcry on the Left after the ABC debate, where Obama bombed when
he had to actually had to answer some tough questions about Jeremiah
Wright, his refusal to wear a flag pin, and his connections to
terrorist William Ayers.

So, why didn’t the media hit Obama on Wright earlier? Why didn’t
they cover the Swift Boat Vets for Truth earlier? Why was their such a
protest over Barack Obama being asked tough questions in a debate?

It’s the same answer to every question; the mainstream media is
mostly comprised of liberals, they do what they can to try to help
their candidate win, and they generally think it helps to give
Democrats a pass on tough issues.


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