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A Legislative Travesty

Posted by PrestoPundit on 05/31/2006

And that may be the best thing you can say about the Senate immigration bill.

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The U.S. Fiscal Mess

Posted by PrestoPundit on 05/31/2006

What can be done? Harvard economist Greg Mankiw weighs in.

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The Kennedy-McCain Amnesty Bill

Posted by PrestoPundit on 05/31/2006

22 reasons why this is the worst legislation in history. Here’s my favorite:

6) The No-Sharing For National Security Purposes Clause

“The bill forbids the federal government to use any information included in an application for amnesty in national-security or criminal investigations.” — National Review

That means if Osama Bin Laden were to apply for citizenship and mention on the application that he was currently living in New York, it would literally be illegal to tell the FBI.

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“Guest Workers” — brought to you by FDR

Posted by PrestoPundit on 05/30/2006

Slave-wage “guest workers” is an old FDR idea — and it was as disgusting then as it is now. Forget about the idea that Bush has betrayed the Reagan Legacy. The real legacy Bush has betrayed is that of Lincoln.

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A Massive Betrayal of the Lincoln Legacy

Posted by PrestoPundit on 05/26/2006

The Republican Party at its founding was all about protecting the interests of the American working class. In fact support for the principle of “free labor” was about as close as you come to the official ideology of the new party. Lincoln and the Republicans wanted to protect and support working people without a piece of property and without a business against elites who would replace them with folks who were literally paid slave wages and lacked the rights of full citizens.

The “temporary” guest worker program offered by the Republican President and the Republican Senate puts America’s workers in direct competition with an unending tidal-wave of low wage foreign “intentured servants” who will lack the rights of full citizens. This is exactly what Lincoln and the Republican party went to war against. The idea of “free labor” was an extension of the Republican ideal of the founders — extending it beyond the elite ownership class to all free people working in the wage economy. Lincoln and the Republicans believed that Americans working in the wage labor economy could take steps in social mobility allowing full participation in Republican society — educate their children, buy farms, start businesses, participate in government — if they weren’t marginalized and driven to poverty in competition with a growing below poverty wage work force without equal citizenship. Today’s Republicans in the White House and in the Senate seem hell-bent on destroying that ideal, hell-bent on wiping out the American working class and financially crippling the American middle class with the massive new costs of supporting a 100 million or so people in poverty and without educations from countries all over the globe.

I made this same point a few weeks ago this way:

Betraying the Lincoln Legacy of the Republican Party

My Republican roots go back to Lincoln. My father has excavated enough family history to make it clear why our family was attracted to Lincoln’s party and it’s ideology. You look back at the lives of these people and what you find are working people — laborers — folks who built railroads and cities and worked on farms and in factories. They worked hard and saved their money and started businesses and family farms. They lived out the promise of Lincoln’s “Free Labor” philosophy — the original underlying philosophy of the Republican Party. Through the decades the Republican party protected “free labor” — like my ancestors — by opposing slave labor and the unrestricted flow of poverty wage foreign labor.

President Bush and the Republican Senate are turning their backs on that legacy with their plan for a permanent indentured servant class of poverty wage foreign workers — the so called “guest workers” — who will compete directly against America’s laboring class. I can’t think of anything more unLincolnian than that — a sort of hybrid between slave labor and unrestricted poverty wage foreign labor. The Republicans over the last century and a half have opposed this sort of class warfare against laborers on principle — as part of their “Free Labor” ideology, a view which believed American laborers should be allowed the opportunity for social mobility without the burden of working at the wage rate of slaves or the poverty classes of the whole world.

So this betray is one of historical — Lincolnian — proportions.

It’s something for Republicans to think about.

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This Basically Nails It

Posted by PrestoPundit on 05/26/2006

“The stupidity and rottenness of CIRA is really beyond the ability of a single human mind to encompass it.” Quotable:

And for Republicans, the most shocking, most shameful thing of all, is that this act to vastly swell the number of future Democratic voters, to bring about “the greatest expansion of the welfare state in 35 years” (Robert Rector), to kick working-class Americans in the teeth, to render meaningless the very concepts of our nation and our citizenship — in fact, to shove U.S. citizens off the sidewalk so that foreigners can be awarded special privilieges not available to us — this appalling monstrosity was cheered through by a Republican Senate at the urging of a Republican president. For shame, for shame, for shame.

UPDATE: Rush Limbaugh weighs in with a classic rant. Quotable:

Wealth will be redistributed from the middle class to a new class of poor that we are welcoming in here as Senator McCain has so excitedly said in his press conference yesterday. That is exactly what this is about. It’s all being done under the rubric of immigration reform. What we’re actually doing is importing poverty in order to enhance big government. It is precisely what is going on here.

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PoliPundit has the Roll Call vote

Posted by PrestoPundit on 05/26/2006

PoliPundit provides a list of the Senate vote — and he’s calling on Republicans to defeat Sen. Mike DeWine in Ohio. I think this would make a fine example to Republicans everywhere if conservatives helped defeat this man.

Poli is calling the immigration bill The $6 Trillion Givaway. Anarchists / “libertarian” economists (you know who you are) need to explain why they advocate giving way American citizenship to anyone who wants it when the country could sell each citizenship for a fortune.

UPDATE: It turns out that the size of the Senate vote in favor of amnesty + cash + “temporary” workers reflected in significant measure whether or not a Senator is considering a run for President — and whether or not a Senator is Catholic or Jewish. Do the PC police still allow us to look at such things? (via isteve).

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Posted by PrestoPundit on 05/25/2006

This makes me very sad. Sad for my country. Sad for my children. If this makes it through the House my best judgment is that my children will now be sharing the beaches, the highways, the emergency rooms, and the schools with another quarter billion folks who otherwise wouldn’t be in the country.

I can as good as physically feel the added financial strain this massive population of most poor, mostly uneducated folks will put on my wife, myself and my children. We’ve got governments at every level who can’t pay their current bills — and have no hope of paying for their future obligations. Conservative estimates of the coming tax increases are in the 50% to 60% range — without the massive new tax burden of the President’s amnesty + cash + “temporary workers” bill.

You can read about Senate passage of the bill here, here, here and here.

Here’s the direct phone line to every Representative in the Congress. Do your country and your children a favor and ring up a half dozen or so. You can give the President a call at one of these numbers.

And right now I’d like to tell President Bush and John McCain and the rest who’ve insinuated that we who oppose amnesty + open borders are simply racists, I liked to tell the lot of them to go F themselves. Mexican-Americans have been a part my life, my wife’s life, and our childrens lives since we were toddlers. I played most of my childhood with immigrants, and I’ve worked shoulder to shoulder with immigrants in factories, on farms and in businesses throughout my life. Members of my family who I dearly love are the children of immigrants. I find it sickening when those who cannot defend their amnesty and open borders proposals seek to gain political traction by smearing their opponents. If you haven’t kept track, the President has done it, John McCain has done it, and most every advocate of amnesty and open borders in the country has done it. It’s disgusting and it reveals a group who cannot appeal to arguments, facts or reason to support their own side.

Thanks for letting me get that off my chest.

UPDATE: Lou Dobbs:

we should point out that this is an instance in which the president of the United States, a Republican, by most — most identifications, and the majority of the Senate have — of his party — have parted company. In point of fact, the president of the United States has sided with the Democratic Party in the Senate, and a majority of the Republicans in the Senate have been defeated on this legislation ..

there is no question, none whatsoever, that this legislation is flawed in nearly — in so many ways, that it is utterly breathtaking ..

We have just received word from Senator Jon Kyl’s office that the Senate in this legislation approved a remarkable change to this so-called comprehensive immigration reform bill. Get ready. Just moments before the final Senate vote, the United States Senate adopted a provision that requires consultation with the government of Mexico before the United States government can build a security fence on our southern border. If there is any doubt whatsoever about who’s in charge of U.S. immigration policy, and now border security, it should be dispelled.

The Senate laying bare its motivation and its values and its disregard for border security by placing immigration reform, as it puts it, at the forefront.

The Senate passed its immigration — comprehensive immigration reform bill without addressing the legislation’s massive impact on our legal system or the agencies responsible for enforcing that legislation, should it become law ..

This issue, Casey, the fact that they’re not looking, in any way providing for budget, manpower for the Citizenship and Immigration Services, or ICE and its internal enforcement agents, I mean, this is — how do we rationalize? How do we explain this?

WIAN: I don’t think you can rationalize or explain it, as evidenced by what you just reported a couple of minutes ago, the fact that the Senate has approved an amendment to allow the government of Mexico to basically sign off on whether we can build a border fence or not. I mean, it seems all rationality has gone out the window — Lou.

DOBBS: This is breathtaking, it is hard to imagine what this president and the leadership of this Senate have been thinking and what — and it’s just extraordinary. Absolutely disregarding the will of the American people, and abandoning common sense all together, or any apparent concern for border security in passing this legislation.

Rush Limbaugh:

It’s breathtaking to see how literally out-of-touch and tone deaf all of these people inside the Beltway are. They know full well how you feel about immigration, and it doesn’t matter!

They’re mooning us. They’re flipping us the bird.

Lot’s more of Rush on immigration, the Senate and the President here.

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Bush Has Lied to Us About Alot

Posted by PrestoPundit on 05/25/2006

One thing Bush & his friends continue to lie to us about is the conservative family values of the illegal population. The facts turn out to be rather different than what you’d expect if you’d been getting your information from the White House:

This high level of child poverty among illegal immigrants in the U.S. is in part due to low edu­cation levels and low wages. It is also linked to the decline in marriage among Hispanics in the U.S. Within this group, 45 percent of children are born out of wedlock. Among foreign-born Hispanics the rate is 42.3 percent. By con­trast, the out-of-wedlock birth rate for non-Hispanic whites is 23.4 percent. The birth rate for Hispanic teens is higher than for black teens.

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What Amnesty + “Temporary Workers” Will Cost

Posted by PrestoPundit on 05/25/2006

What it will cost the American middle class is a fortune.

The federal government currently operates a massive system of income redistribution: The upper-middle class is taxed, and money and services are transferred to the lower-income half of the population. In 2004, some $583 billion was transferred in this way. Current immigration in the U.S. disproportionately brings poorly educated individuals with a high probability of unwed births into the U.S. Over the last 20 years, around 10 million indi­viduals without a high-school diploma have entered the United States. These individuals inevitably end up on the recipient end of the income-redistribution equation, providing an extra tax burden on the already hard-pressed middle-class taxpayers.

There is a remarkably foolish idea now running through the Senate, that the key to solving the Social Security crisis is to import into the U.S. tens of millions of low-skill immigrants, earning perhaps $20,000 per year, along with their families. The folly of this should be apparent. For most of these individuals, receipt of the earned income tax credit alone will outweigh Social Security taxes paid. The overall costs such individuals will add to government programs throughout their lifetime (including welfare, social security, Medicare, education for children, transportation, and law enforcement) will greatly exceed taxes paid.

The American middle class is the hardest pressed work force in the industrialized world — working more hours and sacrificing less time with their families than any other middle class work force in the world. Now we are being asked by corporate owned Republicans to pay the cost for the illegal cheap foreign labor employed by America’s corporations and corporate farmers. It’s time for pushback.

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