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Inaccuracy, Partisan Bias, Declining Business

Posted by PrestoPundit on 01/10/2008

American’s overwhelmingly believe that the news industry produces a really crappy product — which likely isn’t unrelated to this story.


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America’s Worst Newspaper

Posted by PrestoPundit on 01/01/2008

Patterico publishes his annual Year in Review.

What a disgrace these people are to the newspaper profession. SoCal journalist should be  embarrassed telling their neighbors what they do for a living.

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Human Events on Michael Gerson’s _Heroic Liberalism_ (oops .. make that “Heroic Conservatism”)

Posted by PrestoPundit on 11/20/2007

Don’t miss this one.

It looks like the conservative push-back against the Bush Republicans is under way.


Gerson credits “Roman Catholic social thought” with influencing his compassionate conservatism. But that doesn’t mean a whole lot, as he seems to be referring to tendentious interpretations of papal encyclicals from scholars who mistake big-government policy prescriptions for Roman Catholic social thought. Gerson gives lip service to the “principle of subsidiarity” articulated by the Catholic tradition but seems oblivious to the myriad ways his pet causes violate it. They all seem to involve the federal government doing what states, localities, and the people can and should be doing for themselves (and won’t start doing as long as the federal government keeps growing.)

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The Case Against Michael Gerson’s “Conservatism”

Posted by PrestoPundit on 11/20/2007

Matt Kibbe unloads:

They say you can tell the measure of a man by the company keeps, and if that’s so, Gerson’s political heroes ought to cause skepticism amongst conservatives. On a recent Hardball appearance, he spoke approvingly of Franklin Roosevelt, the man who bears most historical responsibility for our current government bloat. Gerson also said that his first political hero was Jimmy Carter. At other times, he has waxed lovingly about the pleasures of hanging out in the pseudo-revolutionary company of coffee shops that idolize left-wing icons, like Che Guevera. Meanwhile, he derides Freidrich Hayek and Ludwig von Mises. What’s next? Friedman and Goldwater replaced with Keynes and Marx? Gerson’s disdain for conservatism’s ideological forefathers is blatant, and he seems to be inventing his own conservative canon as he goes along.

And indeed, he wants to reinvent the entire idea of conservative politics and what it should stand for. Gerson wants to transform conservatism into a vehicle for emotional and spiritual uplift. He writes that a necessary component of presidential politics is a “vision of justice and hope that includes the whole country,” and warmly refers to his favorite left wing coffee shop as spreading “the brush fires of suburban radicalism.” He worries that the conservative movement’s “emphasis on spending restraint and limited government … [is] hardly morally inspiring.”

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What The Che Murder Victims Look Like

Posted by PrestoPundit on 11/08/2007

Che the Killer

One thing many leftist resent about Western civilization is that is restrains them from acting out their violent and deadly hostilities. What you’re seeing when you see a leftist wearing a Che T-shirt is a leftist who’d happily kill you “come the revolution.”

Via FrontPageMag.

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Larry Summers: I’m A Right Wing Right Winger In Academia

Posted by PrestoPundit on 10/08/2007

Self-described left of center Democrat Larry Summers says that at Harvard he’s “on the right half of the right.” More:

Summers ran some numbers from the study [of academic political bias]. He focused on elite graduate universities and on what he defined as core disciplines for undergraduate education (excluding health professions, for example). When conducting such an analysis, Summers said, he found “even less ideological diversity” than he thought he would, and that in the humanities and social sciences, Republicans are “the third group,” after Democrats and Nader and other left-wing third parties.

To date, Summers said, he has largely viewed the political imbalance as one of “able people making choices.” .. At the same time, he added, the extent of the imbalance and some informal research he has conducted “give me pause” and has him wondering about the possibility of bias against right-leaning thinkers. He examined the scholars being asked to give Tanner Lectures (a top lecture series at leading universities) and the political leanings of economists and political figures among honorary degree recipients at a top university (which he declined to name). Liberals receive more such honors by far, he said.

It’s not that there are no conservative professors, he said, but their share is so small as to raise questions that deserve more attention. Summers wondered if the situation isn’t like it was in the early days of baseball’s racial integration, when people trying to say equality had arrived could point to the relatively equal performance of black and white stars. “But it appeared that there were not any African-American.250 hitters,” Summers said. “The only [black] players who played were stars.”

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America’s Elite Centers of Negative Learning

Posted by PrestoPundit on 09/21/2007

1. Cornell 2. Yale 3. Duke 4. Princeton

These are universities where your kids will actually know less about American society and history after four years of college than they did before entering. Why is it no surprise to see Duke and Cornell on this list?

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“leftist hypocrisy degrade[s] everything it touches”

Posted by PrestoPundit on 09/16/2007

Bill Quick on lefty law professor Erwin Chemerinsky, the would-be Dean of the coming UC-Irvine law school.

It’s a telling fact about legal professors that this often dishonest, often wrong, and always partisan lefty hack is considered a highly respected member of the profession.

And it tells us more that we need to know about the likely future of Orange County — and the country — when “conservative Republican” mega-billionaires like Donald Bren are giving huge piles of their money away to a guys like Chemerinsky so that these leftists can build powerful academic institutions in their own hyper-partisan image.

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The Morality of Arthur Miller

Posted by PrestoPundit on 09/01/2007

Is anyone surprised that another leftist “intellectual” is exposed as a moral fraud? These people litter the landscape of history, and the surprise is to find a famous lefty historical figure who isn’t an embarrassment.

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Bob Woodward Lies Exposed

Posted by PrestoPundit on 05/22/2007

And other revelations — new excerpts from the Reagan Diaries.

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