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Posted by PrestoPundit on 01/31/2008

Brian Bilbray, the recently elected North County Congressman, endorsed Mitt Romney today.


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Posted by PrestoPundit on 01/18/2008

in California says Rasmussen.  The significance of this comes from the fact that we’re already voting out here in California  —  I cast my ballot yesterday by mail, others are voting in person at polling stations across the state.  Voting doesn’t begin in California on Super Tuesday — it merely comes to an end here on Super Tuesday. 

Here’s some good news for Romney: “Sixty-three percent (63%) of Romney’s supporters are certain they will
vote for him. That’s a far higher level of commitment than any other
candidate enjoys. Just 45% of McCain’s supporters are that “certain”
along with 54% of those who support Thompson, 45% of Huckabee voters,
and 36% of Giuliani fans.”  I’d say that is open room for a Romney upset in California.  Early voters are more likely to be “certain” voters — and conservative talk radio here in California is already going to work on McCain, beating him up especially as both wrong and dishonest on the most important issue facing California, illegal immigration.

Giuliani has dropped off a cliff here in California, falling from far out in front to 5th place at only 11% support, with only 1 in 3 of these “certain” they’ll actually vote Giuliani.   If you don’t have support on the influential talk radio stations, it takes major money to move opinion in California, and I very much doubt Giuliani will have the sort of cash required to do much to move his numbers.  Guiliani is perceived as weak on illegal immigration, and  he’s getting little support on the radio or from conservative opinion leaders.  A Schwarzenegger endorsement might help Guiliani, but all bets are on a McCain endorsement from Schwarzenegger at some point just before Super Tuesday.  Why Schwarzenegger has held out this long is anyone’s guess — unless the snark about Schwarzenegger impending switch to the Democrat party is actually in the works.  With Schwarzenegger even dumber things have happened.  My  working assumption is that Schwarzenegger is trying to set up a  Senate seat for himself, so whatever would best serve that end is what you’ll find him doing.  I’m not sure how that plays in terms of the Presidential primary.  Maybe no endorsement at all in the primary would be what is best for Arnold.  If it is, that’s what he’ll do.

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Voting Has Started In California

Posted by PrestoPundit on 01/07/2008

Not only have folks in California begun voting by absentee ballot, but people can also vote at the polls themselves before the official “primary” date at selected spots. In California voting is no longer a one day event, but a weeks long process.

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America’s Worst Newspaper

Posted by PrestoPundit on 01/01/2008

Patterico publishes his annual Year in Review.

What a disgrace these people are to the newspaper profession. SoCal journalist should be  embarrassed telling their neighbors what they do for a living.

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Spending Is Up 40% Under Schwarzenegger

Posted by PrestoPundit on 12/16/2007

And the state of California is facing a $14 billion shortfall which you can can bet Schwarzenegger and the Democrat legislature will “fix” with new taxes and borrowing against our children. Schwarzenegger has got to be the most disappointing political figure in my life time.

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You Can Let The Market Price Water

Posted by PrestoPundit on 11/27/2007

Or you can put the government in control of price, which may take you to a “toilet to tap” system of the sort we have in Orange County.

ht Environmental Economics.

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Reality Strikes California

Posted by PrestoPundit on 11/06/2007

Arnold Schwarzenegger and the California Legislature have been spending like, well, a drunken Hollywood actor — but the Fed created housing boom is over, and now the Governor of California has orderer every government department to slash their budget by 10 percent. Over the long term this is no fix for the state’s structural insolvency, but at least Schwarzenegger has finally left his 2 year vacation from reality and is finally facing up to the mess he’s now made his own.

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Mike Carona — OC’s Sleazy “Top Cop”

Posted by PrestoPundit on 11/04/2007

An account of Sheriff Carona and his indictment reveals Mike unmasked:

the empathetic leader who choked up at funerals was accused of shaking down the widow of a fallen deputy and accepting a kickback on her wrongful-death lawsuit.

The politician who liked to talk about his Christian faith and family life had, according to prosecutors, a “longtime mistress.”

The lawman who liked to call out criminals on camera had allegedly urged a former assistant sheriff to lie to investigators ..

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Orange County Has Its Share of Corrupt “Conservative” Republicans

Posted by PrestoPundit on 11/03/2007

And now — finally — our “Christian conservative” sheriff Mike Carona is going down — long with his wife and one of his girlfriends.

We can only hope the sleazy political careers of the GOPers who have enabled Mr. Carona will also end.
The only word for all this is disgusting.

UPDATE: Jon Fleischman of the FlashReport emailed to let me know that he hasn’t worked for the Sheriff’s department in over a year — after six years as an official department spokesman for the department. He also notes that his web site is linking to coverage of the Carona criminal indictment , something I hadn’t notice earlier (the links are in the bottom left hand column of the web page.) In light of these facts and the contents of his private messages to me, I’ve removed my earlier link to his web site. I’ve remained disturbed by the continuing support among leading “conservative” Republicans for this clearly compromised “top cop”. Whatever the outcome of any trial, Mike Carona has shown himself to be a man of bad judgment in the people he has had around him and in his many — at best — sleazy doings. Law enforcement in Orange County is being damaged daily, and there are Republicans who are still choosing to advance the interests of Mike Carona over the interests of OC law enforcement. I have no trouble deciding which side I’m on.

UPDATE 2:  The Liberal OC blog takes a trip on the Wayback Machine.

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San Francisco’s $1,000,000 “Farmers”

Posted by PrestoPundit on 08/31/2007

The most lucrative place to be a farmer in California — if your chief crop is taxpayer money — turns out to be San Francisco. For a graphic click here.

Another fine spot for “farming”?  Beverly Hills. For a graphic go here and type in “90210”.

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