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Posted by PrestoPundit on 01/14/2008



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PrestoPundit to The Corner to Rush In Less Than An Hour

Posted by PrestoPundit on 01/04/2008

A little more than an hour ago I sent my thoughts on Huckabee’s 14% showing among non-evangelicals to Mark Hemingway at NRO’s The Corner and within less than a half an hour Hemingway had posted those remarks on The Corner and shortly thereafter Rush Limbaugh was repeating the 14% result on his national radio show.

This is how the long tail of Glenn Reynold’s “Army of Davids” helps wag the big dogs of the New Media, upending the stifling monopoly of the MSN. Got to love it.

UPDATE: In his second hour Rush repeated again the 14% number — and then read directly from my email to Hemingway.

UPDATE II: Sean Hannity led off his own radio show today with the 14% non-evangelical vote story.

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Nick Schulz

Posted by PrestoPundit on 01/18/2007

buys out TCS.

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Betsy’s Page

Posted by PrestoPundit on 08/04/2006

Lots of good stuff at Betsy’s Page. I hadn’t stopped by in some time, but her blogging seems better than ever.

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Posted by PrestoPundit on 07/05/2006 is under new management and it’s now up with its redesigned web site. Here’s what it says on its “about” page: was launched in 1995 as the first conservative web community. At that time, only a handful of political sites existed and was the first major investment in online activism made by either side. In 2005, split off from The Heritage Foundation in order to expand the scope of’s mission to inform, empower and mobilize citizens for political change. Today, is a web site that pulls together news and information from its 120 different “partner organizations,” political commentary and analysis from over 100 different columnists, and activism tools developed to empower an active citizenry. is designed to amplify conservative voices in America’s political debates just as the 2006 and 2008 election cycles begin to heat up.

By uniting the nations’ top conservative radio hosts with their millions of listeners, breaks down the barriers between news and opinion, journalism and political participation — and enables conservatives to participate in the political process with unprecedented ease.

As a part of Salem Communications Corporation, features Salem’s News/Talk radio hosts, Bill Bennett, Mike Gallagher, Hugh Hewitt, Michael Medved, and Dennis Prager, who are heard on over 300 stations nationwide. Of our five hosts, three are among the top 10 radio talk shows in the nation!

For the first time, the grassroots media of talk radio, the internet, blogging and podcasting will be brought together in one place to activate conservative political participation.

By providing daily news and opinion articles, sophisticated activism tools, a vibrant blog community, online radio shows and more, will arm conservatives with the tools and information necessary to have an impact in shaping the news.

It’s Your World: Blog It. Podcast It. Change It.

* Blog it: Led by talk radio host and blogger Hugh Hewitt, is the first conservative site that enables conservatives to create their own blog in seconds.
* Podcast it: not only offers free podcasts of radio shows for Bill Bennett, Mike Gallagher, Dennis Prager, Michael Medved and Hugh Hewitt but also from leading organizations like, The VFW’s National Defense Show, The Northern Alliance Show with leading bloggers and Jay Sekulow Live.
* Change it: The action center is modeled after the highly successful online action tools used by Bush-Cheney ’04 and Building upon the word-of-mouth marketing strategies of BC’04, will activate conservative talk radio listeners.

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Patterico in the NY Times

Posted by PrestoPundit on 04/25/2006

Which leads Patterico to ask:

have you ever read any article in Big Media, about any topic where you had intimate personal knowledge of the facts, where they didn’t screw up something? Of course you haven’t. I have never met anyone who has.

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A New Econ Blog

Posted by PrestoPundit on 04/20/2006

Beat the Press

Dean Baker de-bunks the economics reporters in the MSM. Here’s Baker on the bogus MSM economics of immigration:

One of the great absurdities in the debate over immigration policy is the frequently repeated claim that the U.S. economy is generating more “low wage” jobs than can be filled by the domestic workforce. This line has been endlessly repeated in news stories on the issue.

Quick trip back to econ 101: recall the concepts “supply” and “demand.” What makes a job a “low wage” job? In econ 101 world, a job will be a “low wage” job if the supply is high relative to the demand. When there is insufficient supply, then the wage rises. My students didn’t pass the course if they couldn’t get this one right. Econ 101 tells us that there is not a shortage of workers for low wage jobs; it tells us that there are employers who want to keep the wages for these jobs from rising.

Immigration has been one of the tools that have been used to depress wages for less-skilled workers over the last quarter century. Many of the “low-wage” jobs that cannot be filled today, such as jobs in construction and meat-packing, were not “low-wage” jobs thirty years ago. Thirty years ago, these were often high-paying union jobs that plenty of native born workers would have been happy to fill. These jobs have become hard to fill because the wages in these jobs have drifted down towards a minimum wage that is 30 percent lower than its 1970s level.

[via isteve]

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The Best of California’s Blogs

Posted by PrestoPundit on 04/12/2006

Round’em Up — The California Bear Flag League A-Z. Say Yeeh Hah!!

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The Great One

Posted by PrestoPundit on 01/15/2006

Mark Levin now has a blog.


The [leftist] senators on the Senate Judiciary Committee look frustrated and sound incoherent because, well, they are. Their problem is that when you don’t have fidelity to the written Constitution, your judicial philosophy, such as it is, consists of nothing more than strained and often contradictory arguments made for the purpose of advancing a political and policy agenda. Hence, we hear Dianne Feinstein demand from Alito adherence to judicial precedent respecting Roe v. Wade (Arlen Specter refers to is as super-precedent), and in the next breath acceptance of something called a living and breathing Constitution.

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Mommy Blogs

Posted by PrestoPundit on 01/12/2006

Some my wife reads:

Very Mommy

Ravings of a Corporate Mommy


MFA Mama


Mr. Nice Guy — a stay-at-home daddy blog.

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