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Posted by PrestoPundit on 11/04/2008


And it’s time to stop whistling past the grave yard — we’re no longer a center right county.  Not even close.  Karl Rove promised realignment with George Bush, and we’ve got it, good and hard.

And I also think Mark Steyn is right about this:

I think we are near a point at which America joins the rest of the west
as a center-left society – that’s to say, a society whose assumptions
about the role of government and the size of the state are far closer
to Continental social democracies than to the Founding Fathers. In a
grim media-cultural environment, the temptation for American
conservatism is to be seduced into becoming one of those ever so mildly
right-of-left-of-right-of-left-of-center parties they have in Europe.
We should have the fight about conservatism’s future vigorously and
openly ..

UPDATE:  A bit of good news.


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Posted by PrestoPundit on 11/03/2008


You couldn’t write fiction which would match the story of this election.

Who was Madelyn Dunham?  Read this and this and this for some indication.

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Posted by PrestoPundit on 11/03/2008


Reflecting on all that I’ve written about Barack Obama over these past six months, four inter-related points stand out: Obama’s radicalism, his stealthy incrementalism, his interest in funding and organization-building, and his willingness to use — or quietly support — Alinskyite intimidation tactics.


Obama’s troubling associations are more than isolated friendships or
instances of bad judgment. His ties to Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers,
Bernardine Dohrn, Rashid Khalidi, Michael Pfleger, James Meeks, ACORN,
the New Party, and the Gamaliel Foundation all reflect Obama’s sympathy
with radical-left ideas and causes — wealth redistribution prominent
among them. At both the Woods Fund and the Chicago Annenberg Challenge,
for example, Obama and Ayers channeled money into ACORN’s coffers.
ACORN, a militant group pursuing economic redistribution, succeeded in
undermining credit standards throughout the banking system, thereby
modeling the New Party’s plans to tame capitalism itself. So the
association with Ayers is not an outlier issue, but part and parcel of
a network of radical ties through which Obama’s supported “major
redistributive change.” Via ACORN, that project has already nearly
wrecked our economy. What will happen when it’s generalized?

And this is what most concerns me: 

In his now infamous 2001 radio remarks, Obama’s preferred strategy for
promoting “major redistributive change” was through society-wide
organizing from below. As president, Obama would connect his massive
[government mandated] youth-‘volunteer’ program to his favorite community-organizer groups,
thereby creating a political force for long-term restructuring of the
American economy. This was the program of the New Party, and I believe
it is still Obama’s long-term goal.

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Posted by PrestoPundit on 11/03/2008


The kicker?  The moron boss was retained after retirement as a “consultant” at a rate of $1,000,000 per month.

Make sure to read also this and this.

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Posted by PrestoPundit on 11/03/2008

the truly massive and ongoing crash in the reputation of the macroeconomists.


As recently as six months ago, the consensus was that it was sufficient
for monetary policy to engage in inflation targeting or to follow a
Taylor rule. Now, Brad DeLong refers to this view contemptuously as

If you look closely, you will find that there is no consensus now.
Olivier Blanchard’s triumphal history of the last thirty years of
economics is exactly wrong.

What will emerge? What the public wants is a theory of control. That
is, the demand is for a theory that includes ways for policymakers to
control booms and busts. To satisfy that demand, my guess is that the
economics profession will put most of its effort into rationalizing or
tinkering with the consensus. The leaders of the profession have too
much invested in New Keynesianism to be able to back away or
acknowledge that it has been refuted.

I would not be surprised to see unorthodox theories of control gain
traction. Perhaps, to justify current policy trends, a theory that
socialized investment is necessary for stability.

To me. the logical thing for the economics profession to do is admit
that we are nowhere near understanding what is happening. However,
taking that position will not get you invited to panels.

Modern macroeconomics is a pseudo-science run by a band of “idiot savant” math-game playing “jocks”, as out to sea as a Medieval guild of astrologers.   The profession is intellectually utterly compromised by deep and overwhelming ties to the massive purse strings and professional prestige offered by the Federal Reserve and other branches of the Federal government.

If it were a union, the government would rightly jail its members on a RICO prosecution, if it were a corporation, the government would rightly smash it.  But as a pretend “science” the profession possesses special immunity — most especially immunity from competition in a true and open marketplace of ideas.

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Posted by PrestoPundit on 11/03/2008

GAY MARRIAGE.  Glad he cleared that one up.

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Posted by PrestoPundit on 11/03/2008

good old “gumshoe” reporting by the London Times led to Barack Obama’s aunt living illegally in Boston on the public dole.  Quotable:  “Whatever the Democrat campaign may imply, there is nothing suspicious about
the story or its timing. The only mystery, perhaps, is how so many people
read Mr Obama’s book in the US without wondering what might have happened to
the mysterious relative, lost in America.”

American reporters don’t do this kind of reporting anymore, so the naturally assumed the story must have come from a government leak.

Meanwhile, the Bush administration has launched a Federal probe of the non-leak.

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Posted by PrestoPundit on 11/03/2008

Barack Obama’s bizarre claim explaining why he hasn’t talked to the aunt who became a central character in his 1995 memoir since being elected to the Senate in 2006.

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Posted by PrestoPundit on 11/02/2008

by other blacks, says his best friend in high school — part of a long profile on “Obama the chameleon” from the Daily Mail.

Of course, this “Uncle Tom” story wasn’t in Obama’s “memoir”, unless you count the made-up sounding story of “Tim”, who was supposed to be a “white acting” black student at Occidental taking an economics class.  Obama seems to have done this a lot in his memoir — assign his own life experiences and deep emotions to other characters in the “memoir”.  Rarely has a man written so much about himself, and left his readers so utterly in the dark about who he truly is.

So who is Barack Obama?  Peter Nicholas of the LA Times says he’s spent 18 hours a day for the better part of a year, and he still doesn’t know who Barack Obama is.

Of course, I believe Obama’s “Rosebud” is there waiting for to be discovered by anyone who cares to know.

Peter Nicholas, I’m guessing, in one who doesn’t want to know, and doesn’t want his readers to know either.

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Posted by PrestoPundit on 11/02/2008

hadn’t decided he’s OK with losing, he would have run ads like this:

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