Posted by PrestoPundit on 11/05/2008

this is a great moment for every American and especially for every black American (if we look at this election as a symbol, and not as a particular political outcome).  But listening to Obama’s speech tonight I’ve got to say, what a gas bag.  There’s no “there” there when he talks about where he is taking America and what we have to do.  It’s worse that mere air.  It’s a hollowness that actually sucks substance out of the air. 

I have deep and well earned concerns about who he is, and what mistakes he will make, and where he wants to take the country.  But beyond that I’m already bored to tears this “soaring” rhetoric and these empty words.  He’s imitating great men speaking great ideas at momentous times in our history.  But there are no great ideas here, there is simply an attractive man with a skin color similar to that of Americans who — unlike Obama — were the descendants of slaves and the victims of profound racial discrimination under Jim Crow.

If there was any idea behind Obama’s campaign it was the fact of his race.  Beyond that there wasn’t much, and tonight, again, what we got was the magic of the fact of a man of his race winning the Presidency. But mostly, for me, there was just the sucking hollowness. 

I guess I’m too post racial, but I’m already beyond that, and all these other gassy words about where we have to go and what we have to sacrifice are starting to annoy.  What matters is what this guy will do, and I’m not at all optimistic that he’ll do things to make this a freer, safer, more prosperous, more law abiding country.

In fact, any betting man has got to bet he’ll do a million different things to make this a less free, less safe, less prosperous, and less law abiding country. 

I have children, and that’s a sad thing to write.

UPDATE:  A locker room pep talk and call to arms from Michelle Malkin.

UPDATE II:  Here’s the text.  You find something besides gas in it.

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