Posted by PrestoPundit on 11/05/2008

for McCain?  He almost lost Orange County, California, the ground zero of the Reagan Revolution — and he lost Riverside, San Diego and San Bernardino counties, ground zero of the massive anti-tax, anti-immigration Schwarzenegger earthquake of 2003.

And lets be clear.  If McCain had done the right thing on the Wall Street bailout and the mortgage meltdown, he would have won these counties.  McCain’s crackup and sellout during the bailout cost him the election (more here), not just in non-LA Southern California, but around the country.  The one true thing McCain said last night is that he himself is responsible for the loss of the election.  The vote last night, more than anything, was a vote against John McCain.  A majority of Republicans in the primaries never supported this man as their candidate for President, and as I pointed out at the time, McCain beat out his rivals only because of the vote of non-Republicans in a number of key Republican primaries.

Once again we had a weak candidate who was beyond the age any man should run for the Presidency.  John McCain did a selfish disservice to America and to the principles we hold by putting his ambition to “be somebody” ahead of the leadership requirements of the Presidency.  I know that’s harsh, but it’s what I believe.

UPDATE:  McCain did worse than George Bush among moderates and liberals.

OPDATE II:  Robert S. McCain on John McCain’s mortal self-wounding, Oct. 2, 2008:

Last week’s idiotic gesture — “Suspend the campaign! Cancel the debate! Pass the bailout!”
— blew up in his face and destroyed all rational hope that he can win
on Nov. 4. So now he’s looking around for scapegoats, and any reporter
(or columnist) who gets within range will do.

Pathetic. Three weeks ago, McCain led by 3 points in the Real Clear Politics average (and one poll showed him +1 in Michigan). A week later, when the polls started to slip, he freaked out and tried to blame the mortgage meltdown on SEC Chairman Chris Cox. When that didn’t work, and with his poll numbers slipping even further, he decided to take ownership of the unpopular $700 billion bailout.

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