Posted by PrestoPundit on 10/19/2008

see something truly pathetic about this?  I mean, even more pathetic that the pictures of Colin Powell, the down with the brothers rapper?

Read also this and this and this.

UPDATE:  Anyone impressed by these comments by Colin Powell

I’ve long pegged Powell as a politically astute and rhetorically talented military pol; and very much a middle brow, “David Gergen” level, “C” student bureaucrat.  My opinion hasn’t changed.

Powell’s performance after My Lai, his performance at the closing hours of the Gulf War, and his performance in the WMD episode aren’t great moments in American history.  Nor do his arguments impress for supporting the leftist Obama over his fellow Republican John McCain.  I’m confess I remain simply underwhelmed by Colin Powell.

ACE:  “Colin Powell was never a Republican. He was a military officer who
knew how to play the political game during a period dominated by

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