Posted by PrestoPundit on 10/16/2008

get the sense that McCain will lose the Presidency for the same reason he was a “D” student at the Naval Academy?  As a cadet he was too lazy to prepare for an exam and as an candidate he’s too lazy to prepare for a debate.   And he’s too anti-detail and too anti-theory to master the material sufficiently to get by “winging it”.  And perhaps he’s too dumb as well. 

It’s hard to know which came first — the dumbness, the anti-intellectual outlook, or the laziness.  But in debate, it works out the same, a candidate who under performs given the material at hand.

I should note that there’s an alternative explanation for why McCain is doing so badly during this campaign.   There’s a case to be made that McCain may be losing this election for
the same reason his father lost the Vietnam war — he’s too comfortable
fighting a no-win campaign with both hands tied behind his back.  As Mark Steyn puts it, he lacks the killer instinct.

Luckily, John McCain’s grandfather and his commanders in chief during WWII didn’t lack lack for that instinct.

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