Posted by PrestoPundit on 10/12/2008

are doing what they did with Barry Goldwater, smearing Republicans as hate filled maniacs.  Remember, CBS News told America that Goldwater was consulting with neo-Nazis in Germany, and much worse was said about Goldwater and the GOP at the time.  So this is nothing new.  It’s an age old tactic of the leftist in the press.

But what is new is how hate and insane behavior have become mainstream among many Democrats on the left — Michelle Malkin has a rundown of recent leftists acts of insane hate, and Gateway Pundit has the latest on the hate filled crazies raising millions for Barack Obama, part of a continuing series at his blog.

The story that gets in the MSM is a lie, and the story that continues to be spiked by the partisan Democrat press corp is appallingly true.

UPDATE:   Obama supporters show their hate in Portland.

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