Posted by PrestoPundit on 10/10/2008

made by Barack Obama — it’s whats for lunch.   And it’s what our partisan press corp will be serving up to the public about Barack Obama and his rise to power as the client and co-conspirator across the 1990s of Maoist / Stalinist socialist Bill Ayers.

Any newsman who wants to know can find in 5 minutes that it was widely publicized in Chicago throughout the 1990s that Ayers was and remained an unrepentant hard left revolutionary, one without regrets and one who wished to continue the revolution through the transformation of the schools.  Obama worked closely with Ayers and publicly endorsed this last project.  This is all a matter of public record, easily accessible.  Any reporter who doesn’t know it or knows it and spikes the story is not a journalist, he’s either completely incompetent, or (more typically) he’s taken on the job of leftist propagandist for Barack Obama and the Democrat party.

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  1. Keith said

    It’s been interesting to see how lexical analysis software indicates that Ayers is the ghost writer for Obama’s “Dreams From My Father” book. Cashill has an interesting article on the matter:

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