Posted by PrestoPundit on 10/08/2008

I get from reading the blogs is that we’re screwedScrewed.  Did I say screwed?

I got the same sense watching commentary on TV.  Charles Krauthammer is rarely the sunniest guy in the room, but tonight the man sounded like a man likely to cut his wrists in despair.

Yes, we’re smashing into Stein’s Law at a million miles and hour.  And, yes, this is just the first and smallest of the many Stein’s Law smashups the future has in store for us.  And — lets not sugar coat it — the country seems set on stepping through a one-way door into a new leftist world that can’t help but leave lasting scars on the nation.

So why don’t I feel like Charles Krauthammer looked?  Well, I’ve got my family, and my neighbors, and a dog.  And I have the example of my betters from the 1930s and 1940s and 1950s who faced a country and a whole world gone to leftist hell, and who laughed and loved and invented and preserved as they clawed the country and the world back to better place.   And you know.  You and I will do it to.

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  1. Ken Nelson said

    I appreciate your attitude Greg. I’ve been feeling abused and let down lately. I guess I’ll just have to perk up and get after it.

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