Posted by PrestoPundit on 10/06/2008

should at least call Bill Ayers what he was — a 70s terrorist.  Most of his major terrorist operations took place in the 1970s, and he was an underground terrorist, along with his wife, for basically the whole decade.  In fact, members of the organization were still conducting operations into the early 1980s.  For more than 9 of the 10 years of the 60s Bill Ayers was not an underground terrorist — but for the better part of the whole decade of the 1970s Ayers was an underground terrorist, a 1970s terrorist.  But calling Ayers a “60s” radical better fits the Obama narrative fed to the press corp by the Obama campaign — it pushes Ayers illegal activities into the past, making the terrorism fade farther away, which is just what the press and the Obama campaign want.

The facts are that Ayers participated in the bombing of the U.S. Capital, the Pentagon, and other public building when Obama was 9, 10, 11 years old.  I’m the same age as Obama and I remember those bombing and the left wing terror campaign against America.  Obama wasn’t “8 years old” when this happened as the press constantly insists, echoing the talking points fed to them by the Obama campaign.  It’s a lie the press corp happily passes on to the public.

UPDATE:  More lies about Obama’s relationship with Bill Ayers.

UPDATE II:  Obama’s relationship with Bill Ayers goes back 21 years, and perhaps more — and the last Weather Underground bombings, a good number of them, took place in the mid-1980s.  Note also that Obama’s political activities began at Occidental for a Tom Hayden offshoot organization called Students for Economic Democracy

The terrorist organization The Weather Underground was another group formed by socialists involved in Hayden’s hard left Students for a Democratic Society.

Obama comes out of the Tom Hayden hard left — and it’s not an accident that Obama built his political career working with socialist terrorist Bill Ayers.

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