Posted by PrestoPundit on 10/01/2008

Ann Althouse reports on how CBS News twists the news by rewriting words spoken by Sarah Palin.  That’s what I said.  They rewrite her words to make her say something different.

Are these decent people?  No.

UPDATE:  Airhead newswitch Katie Couric throws softballs with zero followup to Joe Biden on abortion and the Supreme Court.  Compare and contrast with Couric’s hostile treatment of Palin.

What the McCain campaign has done to Palin by limiting her to exclusive interviews with hostile left leaning partisan Democrat “journalists” is just a disgrace.  The fact that McCain was a “D” student at the bottom of his Naval Academy class can’t surprise anyone at this point.  I mean, McCain couldn’t even bother himself to prepare for his debate with Obama.  I’m guessing this is a man simply repeating his old habit of never doing homework or preparing for an exam he developed during his undergrad years.


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