Posted by PrestoPundit on 09/23/2008

 an important new profile from the Boston Globe:

On a hot July weekend nearly 40 years ago, Barack Obama Sr. was
shopping on a busy Nairobi street when he ran into his friend and
mentor Tom Mboya, one of Kenya’s most charismatic political leaders.
The two chatted for several minutes and Obama kidded him that his car
was illegally parked.

“I told him, ‘You are parked on a yellow
line. You will get a ticket,” Obama, the late father of the US
presidential candidate, would later testify, according to press
accounts at the time. And then the two men parted.

Minutes later,
Mboya was shot twice and died in a pool of blood. It was a crime that
convulsed the newly independent nation and would, in Obama’s eyes,
trigger a steep decline in his own promising career. Then 33, and a
freshly minted government economist, he testified in the ensuing trial,
an act which probably enraged those responsible for Mboya’s
assassination ..


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