Posted by PrestoPundit on 09/22/2008

“They said they wanted to let the market run free but instead they let it run wild.”

 — Barack Obama

This is the sort of fabrication and slander that could only come from
the mouth of a Saul Alinsky agitator long attracted to socialism and the
Marxists — facts about Obama well known to anyone who’s read
Obama’s memoir or any one of the new Obama biographies.

In fact, Bush attempted to regulate Freddie and Fannie in 2003, McCain attempted to regulate them in 2005.  Obama?  Not so much.  Indeed, attempts at regulation were blocked by Obama’s Democrat colleagues, working to benefit ACORN and the management of Fannie Mae, i.e. the political friends and associates of Barack Obama. 

Indeed, if you learn the facts, you find out that Jimmy Carter brought us the CRA regulatory mess, and Bill Clinton and his housing secretary Andrew Cumo used this disasterous regulatory scheme to help generate the current subprime meltdown.  The people who forced “Wall Street” and the financial sector to “run wild” were the politicians, financed by the Democrat super rich and backed by the Democrat far left socialists, who together gave us a scheme destined to funnel billions to the super rich — and destined also for inevitable financial collapse. 

So how big of a lie is Obama’s statement?  Bush isn’t know by anyone to be a particularly bit fan of “letting the market run free” — his Federal Registry is tens of thousands of pages long every year, and Bush has given us the largest expansion of government spending in the history of mankind.  And the only thing that “ran wild” over the last decade is the financial industry as mis-regulated by the Fannie Mae expanding, subprime pushing laws but on the books by Democrats Lyndon Johnson, Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton.  So it’s an enormous lie, told for a purpose, to smear the foundations of a free society, and to smear his political opponent, who has done nothing but work to get the regulatory house of the financial industry back in place and back in order.

The upside of such an enormous lie is that it helps us to see things as they are.  And what we can see is that Barack Obama is a fraud, a liar, and an enemy of a free society.

Think I’m going to pull my punches on this?  Think again.


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