Posted by PrestoPundit on 09/15/2008

it’s not conservatives and Republicans who’ve got it

Make fun of McCain’s crippled hands and broken shoulders, smashed at the hands of the Vietnamese?  Lie about McCain’s computer literacy?  Barack Obama says, Can we do it?  Yes we can

Take a look around.  Is the MSM raising a stink about Obama’s outragous slander of a crippled war hero?  No, they’re OK with that.  National Democrats?  OK with that.  Leftist academia?  OK with that.  The lefty blogosphere?  OK with that.  We know that the publisher of the NY Times effectively believes that McCain got what was coming to him.  And I’m guessing it’s Vietnam and war and leftist ideology that are behind the silence of all these folks today.

Make fun a crippled man?  What’s decency got to do with it?  There’s a Democrat to elect and a war mongering Republican to defeat.


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