Posted by PrestoPundit on 09/12/2008

in a “gotcha” interview with the GOP VP nominee.  John Podhoretz and Ace have the details.   And Tom Maguire has the back story.  Gibson should be put on unpaid leave for a few days.  That’s what they do with professionals in other fields, when an employee has grossly violated the basic rules of behavior within their line of work.  Cop who’ve shot people or lawyers who’ve misrepresented people are put on suspension all the time.  I’d like to see Gibson put on suspension for violating the basic journalistic principle to quote people correctly without gross distortion.

If you’d like to contact ABC News about the Gibson sandbagging of Sarah Palin, click here and send em’ a message.  I did.

Newsbusters has the details of Gibson’s “gotcha” journalism against Palin, along with a transcript of the interview.  And Michelle Malkin has more on the Gibson sandbagging here

And note well, when it comes to the so-called “Bush Doctrine”, Charlie Gibson is an idiot.  More here.

ALSO.  And don’t miss this, the leftist AP once again over the top outrageous.  No surprise that the reporter covering Palin for the AP is a contributor to leftist political organizations.

Yes, I said I’d be taking a break from blogging for a few days, and I will.  But this had me outraged like I can’t remember being outraged by a newsman and a news organization.  The MSM has the dishonest attack dogs on Palin, and I find it utterly unacceptable in a democratic nation.

How can our country survive if the press becomes so partisan and so unethical that the public is swimming in nothing but lies and deceit?  The press this time has turned a corner and stepped into a zone of such dishonesty and partisanship that I don’t think the reputation of these organizations can ever by restored. 

And the lies just keep coming.  UPDATE:  Ace has some questions for the Washington Post.

UPDATE II:  Damage control at ABC News.

See also Gateway Pundit on how the media cover Palin vs. how the media cover Obama.

And Newsbusters shows that Gibson had all softballs for Barack Obama in Obama’s first big “I’m running for President” interview.



  1. tom scott said

    Enjoy your time off

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