Posted by PrestoPundit on 09/09/2008

Jerome Corsi rebuts the falsehoods about his book “The Obama Nation” dished up by the Obama campaign for consumption by the willing accomplices in the MSM.  The big question:  will Corsi take Obama to court and make him pay for his lies?  I’d guess that Corsi has suffered several million dollars in damages at the hands of tObama & Co.  It’s money rightly owed to him and Corsi should go take it back.

Corsi rebuts a total of 51 lies, falsehoods, and smears peddled by Obama about the contents of his book.  He also itemizes 11 very minor alterations or corrections he will make to the next printing of “The Obama Nation”, a national bestseller. 

Exit question.  Will the MSM provide corrections for its customers for all of the falsehoods cut and pasted from the Obama campaign document directly into their news stories? 

Are you ready for rehab?


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