SARAH PALIN IN THE ARENA in Colorado Spring.

Posted by PrestoPundit on 09/07/2008

Watch Palin’s speech here.  The AP:  “Is McCain-Palin become Palin-McCain?”


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  1. Hyscience said

    The Sarah Palin Effect (Image)

    Often a picture is worth a thousand words, and so it is here, as this image of John McCain and Sarah Palin shows the effect of having Sarah Palin on the ticket. (HT – PrestoPundit) You can watch Sarah Palin’s speech here… We can all remember when Joh…

  2. Theresa Smith said


    How’d they get the rock band on that teensy little stage before McCain and Palin showed up? (J/K!) ;-D

    McCain/Palin 2008

  3. Stubby Kaye said

    If you saw the Fox News special last night on Sarah Palin (repeated tonight) then you know that she and Todd are magnificent managers and parents and can have it all. The ”families” that make up the Dem base sitting there watching their TVs while their kids are doing who-knows-what or vice versa could learn a few things from how this family works. I just joined the NRA because of Sarah Palin. I have never owned a gun or even fired one. I have never hunted and don’t even believe it in personally. But she has jump started my interest in voting for a republican again. As a constitutional party member I was set to vote for chuck Baldwin. Not now, McCain has swayed with me with this pick. I joined the NRA because of her.

  4. GoSarMac said

    The crowd in Sterling Heights, Michigan was even larger, and no, they do not need a “rock band” to attract voters. Thanks for the picture, it made my day.

  5. Arnie said

    The extended family of this gal says it all. If every family, with all its flaws, were as this family America would be a much better place. God Bless this gal and God bless momma and papa Palin for bringing them to us. Her story on FoxNews is An American Dream like vignette. Some of the scenes of the community and her home life were like a modern day Norman Rockwellian dream scene. Love it. God bless them.

  6. kath said

    This is funny….the Republicans are now bragging about Sarah the “Celebrity”, the crowds she’s attracting. That’s the thing they’ve been mocking and ridiculing Obama for, for the past year LOL. Turns out that what we’ve known all along is true….they were green with envy!

    The difference of course is that Obama EARNED his celebrity….no one knows who the hell this hockey mom is, they’re just thrilled to have someone energizing the wingnut base and waking McCain up! Enjoy it while you can folks, Palin and McCain are still going down, big time.

  7. Jose M said

    Gov. Palin is drawing these huge crowds because people genuinely like her and want to hear what she has to say. Obama draws crowds because he gives a free rock concert prior to his speech! Don’t feel bad, Kath, if you didn’t know. The establishment media are so in the tank for Obama, they never once reported this inconvenient truth.

  8. Mark said

    yeah, try not to feel bad, kath, that you’re a complete idiot.

  9. Aine said

    [[The difference of course is that Obama EARNED his celebrity]]

    Is this a serious argument that you genuinely wish to put forward?


    To know more about Sarah, some began reading and listening waaay back in March. This wonderful woman isn’t news to us. Of course, we weren’t watching MSM, CNN, or MSDNC…

  10. Isaac said

    Dear Kath: Please consider the differences. Germany France Colorado
    The party that ‘cares’, spent alot of money on travel and show that the Red Cross could be using for caring for storm ‘victums’ now.
    I think that comparing the closing shows of the two conventions, they both accomplished their purpose, but one showed a lot more respect for value of money than the other. How disappointing!

  11. Fornication is Sin said

    WOW! I never knew there was such an interesting discussion going on here. You guys are excited about the size of this crowd – Are you kidding me? I’m almost laughing my lungs out.

    Anyway, let me not spoil your Sunday evening. Enjoy! LOL!

  12. NRA member said

    Stubby Kaye – welcome to the NRA!

    Lots of members shoot but don’t hunt. (Others do hunt.) Your local rod & gun club or indoor range probably offers beginning lessons in shooting. Enjoy!

    — 57 yr old female NRA member in a very blue state

  13. Pat said

    Howdy folks,
    As a Canadian that is keenly interested in politics, both Canadian and US, it rather amazed me the praise that Obama was receiving for his speaking skills. I guess because it’s not Canadian politics, I just couldn’t get excited about him.

    No Sarah Palin on the other hand!!! Felt like she was talking directly to me.

    Good luck with it folks,


  14. Amy said

    The real story is that Palin is attracting huge crowds, but, don’t expect to see it reported in the mainstream media. They will do what they can to ignore it or report it with grossly minimized numbers.

    Hey, kathy, “Obama EARNED his celebrity” is an apt description of Obama, a vacuous celebrity. That you cast him with that term pretty much speaks to his lack of substance and those of his followers. Thanks.

  15. Kevin said

    Obama earned his celebrity? hahahhahahahahaha…that’s funny even to me, a Canuck!

    That’s all right kath, go back to your Obama Kool-aid…everything will be all right. Go back to salivating over a charming charlatan.
    (Man, he’s been an impressive Senator! Senator Who?)

  16. Jim said

    Sarah is a natural communicator. Reagan in a skirt.

    I am glad to see Mrs. McCain has toned back her regal outfit and copious jewelery. Reminds voters of the one with seven homes, that John got blamed for.

    Now, both Sarah and John need to get a different stump script. In case they were not aware, their bios’ have been heard by those in these crowds at least once, and more likely twice, before these voters get to these events. This is why they are there. They heard Sarah’s and John’s talking points already.

    Time to move on now to what they plan to do about the economy, jobs, Fannie and Freddie talk. Enough about the ebay plane, the chef, the war stories…..or at least not using the exact same words to describe them. Drop the script and pickup a microphone like John does at his town meetings. Ad-lib some.

  17. Ratt said

    Obama Muhammad Hussien Barack DID NOT EARN his Celebrity, it was hoisted on him by the likes of Olberman, Matthews, PMSNBC, CNN and the rest of the Alphabet Channels in the Media. Voting for Obama would be like re-arranging the deck-chairs on the Titanic. Good Luck with that.

  18. austin said

    Hey Kath,

    Are you another one of those Obama Paid Push Trollers?

  19. Boulder said

    You’re right Jim. Though “Change We Can Believe in” (? catastophes, higher taxes, larger government, less local control, politics from pulpits, etc.) has been going on longer than Plane-Chef-POW, with under 60 days to go it IS time to offer more specifics and detail.

  20. That’s what I call “sequestered.”

  21. “The difference of course is that Obama EARNED his celebrity…”

    So did she. With the helpful hand of a hostile media, she’s undergone more scrutiny of her personal history in 10 days than Obama has in 2 years, and people are showing up to support her. But then, you knew that.

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