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And her father studied at the college where my father taught physics and mathematics.  Palin’s aunts and uncles still live in Richland, Washington, and she visited them as recently as July.  Here’s the story of Palin’s family background on her mother’s side from the Tri-City Herald (a paper here I once worked.):

Republican presidential hopeful John McCain’s new running mate has deep family roots in the Tri-Cities.

Gov. Sarah Palin’s grandparents — Clem and Helen Sheeran — came to
Richland in 1943 so he could work at Hanford. They had six children,
including Palin’s mother Sally Heath, who in 1958 graduated from
Columbia High School — now Richland High.

Palin’s father —
Chuck Heath — attended Columbia Basin College in Pasco. The couple
eventually settled in Idaho. Palin was born in Sandpoint in 1964.

Palin’s late uncle Pat Sheeran was once a District Court judge in the Tri-Cities.

Katie Johnson, Sally Heath’s sister and Palin’s aunt, said Palin has
visited the Tri-Cities every several years dating back to when she
attended the University of Idaho. She graduated from Idaho with a
journalism degree in 1987.

“Every spring break Sarah and those
kids would always come and see grandma and grandpa,” Johnson said.
“She’s very fond of the Tri-Cities.”

Kennewick’s Ron Jones, an
uncle, said Palin was in town as recently as last July to thank the
family for helping her out on her gubernatorial campaign in Alaska.
There, she’s established herself as a conservative, no-nonsense
reformer who has picked battles with her own party, defeating an
incumbent Republican governor in the 2006 primary.

“What a wonderful choice for McCain,” Jones said. “They’re both mavericks.”

described her niece as an avid angler, hunter and marathon runner. She
once ran for the title of Miss Alaska and claimed the title of Miss
Congeniality in an earlier contest.

The family didn’t learn
McCain had chosen Palin until reports first began circulating on
television early Friday. Her name had been mentioned for the post but
the family had no specific inkling she’d be asked to join the ticket.

who maintains regular communications with Palin via phone and e-mail,
said she didn’t know how long Palin has been in McCain’s plans.

kept it a real secret, that little turkey,” Johnson said. “She’s been
kind of quiet the last couple weeks. I don’t know how much she’ll be
able to talk now.”

“We’re so excited,” said aunt Colleen Jones, Ron’s wife. “It was a shock to us.”

said Palin’s emergence as McCain’s running mate shouldn’t be surprising
considering her string of successes in private and public life.

“Everything she’s ever done she’s excelled at,” Johnson said.

“Sarah’s just a real sharp young lady and doesn’t take any guff from anybody,” Ron Jones said.

My folks just told me about the article on the telephone this evening. 
Somehow none of this surprised me a bit.  I could hear it in her voice, feel it in her character.  Weird, but I could.




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