Posted by PrestoPundit on 09/05/2008

Those beliefs are as well founded as the belief that rats spread disease:

This week, the false left-wing Internet rumors about Sarah Palin — about how her youngest son is actually her daughter’s baby, about how she was an Alaska secessionist — were as unworthy of the attention of the mainstream media as any claims that Barack Obama was born in Kenya. Yet they received that attention anyway, with some especially irresponsible tidbits seeing print. Reporters suddenly acquired a heretofore absent interest in obtaining birth certificates. The New York Times had to retract Elizabeth Bumiller’s story about the Alaska Independence Party (which is not a secessionist party), but Bumiller still stands by her story.

In the Washington Post, a respected reporter noted disapprovingly that Palin had “slashed” funds for a program benefiting pregnant teens. He failed to mention the relevant fact that she was using her line-item veto power to quadruple funds for the program instead of quintupling them.

In 2000, Palin endorsed and campaigned for Steve Forbes for president. This week, Obama’s campaign spokesman and Obama’s surrogate, Rep. Robert Wexler (D., Fla.), falsely stated that Palin had supported Pat Buchanan for president in 2000. Wexler then smeared her and Buchanan by calling her a “Nazi sympathizer” on those grounds. The Nation and MSNBC reported the Obama campaigners’ false statements as fact. CNN posted a picture of Palin at the rostrum in this pose.

These are like random pickings at a Sunday buffet — there are hundreds of other items sitting just waiting to be put on the plate.


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