Posted by PrestoPundit on 09/04/2008

 “She thumped ’em”:

[Scott] Myers, holding two small American flags, shouted, “Go, Sarah! Yes, Sarah! Go Sarah! Yes, Sarah!” as more than 100 people crowded the Tailgaters sports bar and grill to watch the speech.

Myers, 70, said Palin is family, and she takes care of the people of Wasilla like her own.

He said she’s hardworking, just like his mother, she’s juggling two jobs, and she can take whatever is dished out.

Myers wasn’t alone in his unabashed enthusiasm for Palin during her speech.

Minor Smith, 57, a North Slope worker from Wasilla, who was baptized in the same church as Palin and knows her husband, Todd, said he wasn’t worried that Sarah would crumble under the pressure. In fact, he said, it’s just the type of fight she likes.

“She is perfectly able to defend herself. She’s a little tiger,” he said of the woman he got to know at church picnics. “She loves this stuff. This is what she lives for.”

Smith, who showed up at the bar to watch a
Los Angeles Dodgers baseball game, said he wasn’t surprised that Palin
was the picture of confidence during her first national speech.

“She believes this stuff. It’s Sarah being Sarah,” he said.


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