Posted by PrestoPundit on 09/04/2008

I’ve read the great Frank Capra autobiography, I know my Frank Capra, and I can tell you Sarah Palin’s moment last night was better than a Frank Capra movie.  And Capra would know why.  Because it was real.  Because Palin was real.  Because real life is more important than a movie.  Capra could tell you.

Roger Simon gets it:

In all my years writing movies, going to drama school, etc., I have
almost never seen anything so dramatic.  It was the rebirth of Frank
Capra for our times – Mrs. Smith Goes to Washington.  This
woman is a star and a star of the American kind we have not seen for
years.  She really is born live from a Capra movie, from the days
Hollywood told stories about the greatness of our country.  I don’t
agree with her about everything but so what?  I don’t agree with
anybody about everything except, luckily for me, my wife.  But Sarah
Palin is a force of nature. Like a Jimmy Stewart character channeled by
Claudette Colbert.


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