Posted by PrestoPundit on 09/03/2008

Palin, first elected at age 32, stirred controversy in [Wasilla] by coming into office in the fall of 1996 and sacking a slew
of top city officials, including Police Chief Irl Stambaugh.

There was even a failed recall effort led by Wasilla resident
Kathryn Rounds, now 69, who told The Mouth that when Palin ran for
office she didn’t think the young mother of two was up to the job.

“I told Sarah to her face that I didn’t feel she was ready to run a
city, but when she grew up and matured more she’d probably be
terrific,” Rounds said in an interview.

One turnoff for Rounds was when Palin defended her lack of work
experience with a flippant crack about managing Wasilla’s multi-million
dollar budget: “Ha! It’s not rocket science.”

Rounds made t-shirts snapped up by Wasilla residents which read, “I
am a rocket scientist.” But the Concerned Citizens for Wasilla recall
effort flopped.

During Palin’s first three years as mayor, “I could’ve throttled
her,” Rounds said, but she eventually came to admire her – even voting
for Palin when she ran for governor in 2006.

“I was so proud of her,” Rounds said, recalling that she last talked
to Palin in a Wasilla Wal-Mart just before fifth child Trig was born in
April. “She’s fearless and honest as the day is long.”

The NY Daily News.  Note well that days can be 22 hours long in Wasilla.


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