Posted by PrestoPundit on 09/03/2008

top McCain aid on the American press corp.  Newsbusters — “Hate site are leading the media around by the nose.”

Also, the WSJ:  how the Palin story exposes the dishonesty, partisanship and ignorance of the Blue State media class:

The spin du jour is that her choice reflects poorly on
Candidate McCain because she wasn’t properly vetted. Yet this seems to
be false. Campaign vetter A.B. Culvahouse, White House counsel under
Ronald Reagan, says Mrs. Palin told the campaign about her pregnant
daughter and her husband’s DUI at the age of 22. On Monday, Time
magazine’s Nathan Thornburgh wrote from Wasilla, Alaska, that Bristol
Palin’s pregnancy had been known by virtually everyone there, with
little made of it. But what do these private family matters have to do
with Mrs. Palin’s credentials to be Vice President in any case?

The press in 2000 ignored marijuana use by Al Gore’s
son, as it should have. But now we are told a teenage pregnancy is
going to raise second thoughts among evangelicals and “family values
voters” about Mrs. Palin’s ability to be both a mother and a public
official. This is also false.

Leaving aside the embarrassing reality that the
Beltway press corps barely knows any evangelicals, religious leaders
this week greeted the pregnancy news with support for the
Palins. Offering support for unwed pregnant women and their families is
a primary activity of these churches from one end of America to the

The mainstream media are actively attempting to destroy Palin — but mostly they’re just destroying whatever shred of credibility the press corp still had with mainstream America.

UPDATE:  It’s impossible to keep up with all of the Blue State media lies and smears again Palin, but here’s a good example from the Washington Post.  The opposition research of the Democrat party and the Obama campaign goes straight into the pages of the Post, with nary a pause to check the facts.  It’s what we’ve come to expect.


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