Posted by PrestoPundit on 09/03/2008


All the media tut-tutting about Sarah Palin’s supposed lack of qualifications and their phony concern about whether she can be a good mother and serve as vice president has been infuriating. Were there any concerns about whether John F. Kennedy could handle the job of the presidency when he had young children? And remember, his wife was pregnant through part of the 1960 campaign. What about John Edwards who ran for president and vice president with two small children? And has anyone at all questioned whether Barack Obama can perform the job of the president when he has two young children?

Usually, I tend to slough off all the complaints about anti-women bias in the media. I figure that that comes with the territory. But the bias in addressing these concerns only when it is a conservative woman in question is so blatant that it amazes yet again. Here we have a woman who has achieved whatever she has in politics on her own – not because she was married to a more successful politician like Hillary or because she had a wealthy husband like Nancy Pelosi. She has a husband who is supporting her career and stepping up to help with the kids just as we have always said we want husbands to do so. And instead you get the media, as represented by the New York Times, suddenly so concerned about how a woman with a small baby can take on the job of the vice presidency. Would they be writing those sorts of articles if she were the father of a special needs baby? Does anyone seriously believe that the media would be having these concerns if it were the Democratic candidate who had young children? Or if it were Obama who had a 17-year old daughter who was pregnant, would the media take that one fact as a proxy to argue about the benefits of abstinence education versus birth control education under the fallacious theory that one example makes an argument for the general population in the aggregate? ..

As a conservative woman [Palin] is as much an affront to liberal pieties as Clarence Thomas is as a conservative black man ..

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