Posted by PrestoPundit on 09/03/2008


It is easy to see why Alaskans hold the affection they do for their
governor. She holds over 80 percent approval ratings in part because
she connects with people. During her campaign for City Council, she and
Todd went door to door pulling a wagon with their son Track, 4, and
2-year-old daughter, Bristol.

She doesn’t have to pretend to
understand the sensibilities of the average citizen, because she’s been
there; she and her family have experienced the same struggles to get by ..

Just a few short months ago, I sat at the kitchen table of Rev. Paul Riley and his wife, Helen, in Wasilla, Alaska. This soft-spoken elderly couple may be two of just a handful of people who are not surprised by her nomination as John McCain’s choice for vice president of the United States.

Palin grew up in the Rileys’ church, and they share a sense of destiny
about Palin’s future. When she was elected governor, Riley told Palin
that like the Old Testament story of Queen Esther, she had “come to the
Kingdom for such a time as this.”

During a second interview with Palin, I asked what legacy she hoped to leave as governor of Alaska.

“I hope our legacy is that we put Alaskans interests first,” Palin
said. “Alaska is not just an outpost on the edge of the continent. We
can and should become bigger contributors to the United States, both in
terms of resources and of leadership.”

Here is CNN’s “Editors Note” on the Palin’s biographer:

 Kaylene Johnson is the author of the Sarah Palin biography,
“Sarah: How a Hockey Mom Turned Alaska’s Politics Upside Down.”
Johnson, who says her political affiliation is “undeclared,” lives on a
small farm outside Wasilla, Alaska, the governor’s hometown. Johnson
did not know Palin before researching and writing the book. She has
written for the Los Angeles Times, Alaska magazine and other


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