Posted by PrestoPundit on 09/03/2008

A:  Let me tell you all the nice things about Sarah Palin: Sarah Palin
has been a pretty freaking awesome governor. She came in saying that
the entire system was corrupt, and that Republicans were evil, and she
was going to just mix everything up and get us a gas pipelineTony Knowles, who had been governor before.

The Republicans hate her. If you go and talk to the Alaska delegation here, they despise her.

Q: Really?

A: Hate her. Oh my god! This whole thing about her retarded son really being her daughter’s was started by Lyda Green, who is president of the senate, a Republican. […]

She gave a two-finger salute to Conoco Phllips and Exxon Mobile, raised their taxes on their oil, put in place a transparent way to bid for the seed money and the licenses to finally, finally,
put in a natural gas pipeline in Alaska. And it was won by a Canadian
company. And she went to the mat and made it happen. She has been
systematically pulling the drilling licenses of Conoco Phillips and
Exxon Mobile for areas that they haven’t touched. I mean, they’ve been
hoarding reserves, and she says, you know, use it or lose it, and she
has been sending the attorney general time after time to revoke these
things. It’s absolutely fascinating.

Hit & Run, Reason Magazine.

and end of story. And she got to power, she was elected overwhelmingly by independents, beat


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