Posted by PrestoPundit on 09/02/2008

Peter Robinson:

If he sometimes treated his 2000 campaign as a mere attempt to move up the ladder, Mr. McCain treats this campaign as a duty. And this, I think, represents the underlying reason Mr. McCain has been able to defy the odds, keeping the presidential race wide open. Whereas Mr. Obama remains a complicated, enigmatic figure — in the profile it published the day he delivered his acceptance speech,
the New York Times called him “elusive” — Mr. McCain has come into focus, becoming a candidate voters can understand.The man is a patriot. Grasp that and you have grasped John McCain. Refusing 40 years ago to accept early release from his imprisonment in the Hanoi Hilton and running for president today — both are of a piece. Seen in this light, even Mr. McCain’s shortcomings make a certain kind of sense ..

Mr. McCain sees the money sloshing around Washington as an insult to America — and he takes such insults personally. Patriot though he is, Mr. McCain is too imbued with the military ethic
(which of course eschews ostentatious displays) to trumpet his patriotism.And this brings me back to the question with which I started. To place himself in the company of President Reagan, I believe, Mr. McCain need only overcome his inhibitions for an hour, using his acceptance speech on Thursday night to tell the American people about his feelings for this Republic ..

Mr. Obama may be able to offer voters all the attractions of high rhetoric, but Mr. McCain can offer something else: an uncomplicated love of country.


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