Posted by PrestoPundit on 09/01/2008

she allows McCain to kick Obama’s teeth in on central issues in this campaign that matter to average voters.  On big issues like corruption, taking on the establishment, executive experience, courage, and many others, McCain knows that Obama doesn’t look good at all next to the record of the alternative newcomer / agent of change, Sarah Palin.  

And not only has Palin set fire to the GOP, she’s set fire to John McCain:

McCain on Palin as a soul mate:

She’s a — she’s a partner and a
soul-mate. She — she’s a reformer. I don’t particularly enjoy the label
“maverick,” but when somebody takes on the old bulls in her own party,
runs against an incumbent governor of her own party, stands up against
the oil and gas interests — I mean, they really are so vital to the
economy of her — of the state of Alaska. I mean, it’s remarkable. It’s
a remarkable person.
And I’ve watched her record, and I’ve
watched her for many, many years as she — as she implemented ethics and
lobbying reforms. And I mean, she led. She didn’t just vote for it. She
led it. I’ve seen her take on her own party. 

Look, one thing I know is that when you
take on your own party in Washington, you pay a price for it. You do.
You pay a price for it. And she’s taken on the party in her own state.
She takes on — she took on a sitting governor and defeat him — defeated

McCain using Palin to bash Obama:

as governor she has had enormous responsibilities, none of which Senator Obama had .. when she was in government, he was a community organizer. When she was taking tough positions against her own party, Senator Obama was voting “president” 130 times in the state legislature, on every tough issue that ever was, while she was taking them on. That’s the kind of judgment that I’m confident that we need in Washington.

.. as a governor, she’s had executive experience. She didn’t sit in the
state legislature. She didn’t vote just with her party and go along to
get along. Senator Obama has never taken on the leaders of his party on
any issue. You tell me a time when he has. She’s been an
independent spirit that’s taken them on at every opportunity.


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