Posted by PrestoPundit on 09/01/2008

  A lot of people living in the real world are going to look at the two and come to similar conclusions:

Political Biography

Obama: A classic, if unusually talented,
greasy-pole climber. Held a succession of jobs that constitute the
standard route to the top in his party’s internal politics: “community
organizer”, law professor, state senator.

Palin: A woman with a wide range of interests in a
well-variegated life. Held a succession of jobs – sports journalist,
commercial fisherwoman, state oil and gas commissioner, before entering
local politics. A resume that suggests something other than burning
political ambition from the cradle but rather the sort of experience
that enables her to understand the concerns of most Americans..

Executive experience

Obama: Makes executive decisions every day that affect the lives of his campaign staff and a vast crowd of traveling journalists

Palin:Makes executive decisions every day that
affect the lives of 500,000 people in her state, and that impact
crucial issues of national economic interest such as the supply and
cost of energy to the United States.

Religious influences

Obama: Regards people who “cling” to religion and
guns as “bitter” . Spent 20 years being mentored and led spiritually by
a man who proclaimed “God damn America” from his pulpit. Mysteriously,
this mentor completely disappeared from public sight about four months

Palin: Head of her high school Fellowship of
Christian Athletes and for many years a member of the Assemblies of God
congregation whose preachers have never been known to accuse the United
States of deliberately spreading the AIDS virus. They remain in full
public sight and can be seen every Sunday in churches across Alaska. A
proud gun owner who has been known to cling only to the carcasses of
dead caribou felled by her own aim.

Record of bipartisan achievement

Obama: Speaks movingly of the bipartisanship needed
to end the destructive politics of “Red America” and “Blue America”,
but votes in the Senate as a down-the-line Democrat, with one of the
most liberal voting records in congress.

Palin: Ridiculed by liberals such as John Kerry as
a crazed, barely human, Dick Cheney-type conservative but worked wit
Democrats in the state legislature to secure landmark anti-corruption

Former state Rep. Ethan Berkowitz – a Democrat – said. “Gov. Palin
has made her name fighting corruption within her own party, and I was
honored when she stepped across party lines and asked me to co-author
her ethics white paper.”


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