Posted by PrestoPundit on 09/01/2008

   From PC World:

In the great north .. it seems Palin was asked to rummage around former state GOP leader Ruedrich’s hard drive.

The original reporting appeared in the Anchorage Daily News.  No wonder Palin is a folk hero in Alaska:

The next week, when Palin went back to work at the AOGCC, she noticed that Ruedrich had removed his pictures from the walls and the personal effects from his desk. But as she and an AOGCC technician worked their way around his computer password at the behest of an assistant attorney general in Fairbanks, they found his cleanup had not extended to his electronic files.

The technician “said it looked like he tried to delete this, but she knew a way to go around and get some of the deleted stuff,” Palin said in an interview. “I didn’t know what I
was looking for, but I was there.” Palin found dozens of e-mail messages
and documents stacked up in trash folders, many showing work Ruedrich
had been doing for the Republican Party and others showing how closely
he worked with at least one company he was supposed to be regulating.


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  1. Steven W. said

    Sure, but did she invent the internet? The bar has been raised considerably for Gov. Palin and Algore already set the standard when it comes to advanced technology. 😉

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