Posted by PrestoPundit on 09/01/2008

Tony Knowles was a popular former two term governor of the state of Alaska when this debate took place during the 2006 campaign for Governor of Alaska.

UPDATE:  Welcome National Review readers — you may find my file of Sarah Palin posting of interest.



  1. Beldar said

    Greg, thank you for posting this video, along with all of the other excellent posts you’ve made on the Palin nomination in the last couple or three days! And thanks for your links, too, to my blog.

    I’m not sure if my trackback ping got through, but I’ve written a post that includes a transcription of a Q&A sequence from near the end of this video that I thought was particularly interesting: “Dems ought not count on Sarah Barracuda to blow the VP debate,” at … Thanks again!


     Let go to the video tape suggests Bill Dyer at BeldarBlog:PrestoPundit Greg Ransom has an embedded video of Sarah Palin at the final gubernatorial debate before her November 2006 general election victory over Democrat Tony Knowles and independent…

  3. Alaskan said

    How phony of you to see Sarah Palin’s bio on here, and yet the only books you advertise on Obama are two hate-filled wingnut non factual attack books.

    I live in Juneau and know Palin well.

    I’d put good money on it that McSame starts reconsidering her on his ticket within the next two weeks.

    He made a grave error.

    You shall see.

  4. M. Simon said


    Thanks for the video. I had to use the Google version because I couldn’t find Embed code easily. Could you provide that or a link to it in the future?

    And Beldar is just great. Visit his blog for in depth analysis. For lots of discussion and faster response have a look at Just One Minute and the comments there.

  5. Beldar said

    “Alaskan” — it’s pretty hard to take you up on your bet when you won’t use your real name. Mine, which can be easily obtained on my own blog (Beldar’s just a nickname), is Bill Dyer, as Greg mentioned in the trackback above. If you’ll step forward and contact me by email with your real name, we can find a disinterested stakeholder to hold our respective bets during the next two weeks.

    I propose $1000. What say you?

    (Others: If I get a response, I’ll publish it here. If I haven’t you may safely assume “Alaskan” has wimped out.)

  6. Hyscience said

    Can Sarah Palin Hold Her Own In Debate Against Joe Biden ?

    If you’ve any doubts as to “Saracuda’s” ability to hold her own against Joe Biden in a debate, check out this video of her debate in the 2006 campaign for governor against Tony Knowles – a then popular two term governor of the state of Alaska….

  7. Brendan D. said

    I really just have to ask why this debate matters. Whilst watching the Democratic debates earlier this year, Obama looked much more subdued than he did debating the laughable GOP candidate Alan Keyes in his 2004 run for Senate. President Bush himself looked fantastic in his debates against Ann Richards in 1994; but in 2004, John Kerry (John Kerry!) made him look like a fool.

    Frankly, I’m not convinced that debates will affect this election. I don’t think debates have affected any election since 1960. If they had, Jimmy Carter would’ve been a two-term president, Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush would’ve lost to Ross Perot, and Dewey really would’ve defeated Truman.

  8. lewp said

    Beldar, how could you prove that McCain had not “started reconsidering her”?

    I’d guess he’s reconsidering her as we speak. But I can’t prove it. Nor can you prove that he isn’t.

  9. Nixon said

    I know everyone’s saying don’t underestimate her but the ballgame she’s now in is completely different from anything she’s ever experienced before. The debate shown (and thanks for that, by the way) is their 22nd, she’s in her comfort zone, there’s not a question she hasn’t been asked 25 times before. It’s not just the debate with Biden, it’s the daily interaction with the press (I’m assuming they will let her be interviewed at SOME point) that will prove her toughest hurdle. We’ll just have to wait and see how it all turns out.

  10. mick said

    wow – even when asked if her DAUGHTER was raped – this “stepford wife” puppets the “pro-life” talking points – am i the only one that thinks this should be used (ala Dukakis) in an advert – about her insensitivity ? wow that is so cold – no choice no how – i have to echo hillary’s amazing speech at the DNC — no way, no how – no Palin! wow McSame really F-ed up big time with this one!

  11. Redman said

    Hahahahaha, she’s gonna make mincemeat about Obama! I’ll bet he won’t have ANY IDEA how to respond during the debates when he gets asked about caribou hunting!!!

  12. toby said

    “She’s gonna make mincemeat about Obama”…. er, she won’t be debating Obama.

    There’s a sayng that “You never get a second chance to make a first impression” and, while some first impressions of Palin have been good, most have been bad.

    Her candidacy has helped Obama in many ways … things may stabilise in the next few days, or she may be a gift to the Democrats that just keeps on giving.

    – The erratic VP pick has forced the corporate media for the first time to question McCain’s judgement. That’s an earthquake.
    – The experience attack on Obama is suddenly off the table. Both tickets are now equal in experience. Again, advantage Obama.
    – The Republican convention, already truncated, is turning into a long defense of Palin, instead of an attack on Obama. It will reduce the expected bounce in the polls the Republicans would expect, and hit GOP morale.

    Even if she wipes the floor with Biden (and the low expectations means she will probably do well in that debate), that will not really affect the way people vote. Remember “Sir, you’re no Jack Kennedy” to Dan Quayle? Didn’t stop Bush Snr winning.

    Vice Presidents can’t win elections but if they can hurt or help the candidate’s chances. They can balance a ticket geographically or idelogically. Palin was meant to be ideological ballast for the Christian right. She was meant bring back a touch of the Rove “God, Guns and Gays” agenda where McCain was not trusted, while maybe attracting disaffected Hillaryites.

    Now there’s a contact on her withdrawal, things could not get much worse for the GOP (unless she actually withdraws), or better for the Democrats.

  13. kelly scott said

    Republicans continue to believe that they can create their own reality create, Redman even thinks Ms. Palin will be debating Obama! (someone should break the news to him) But the reality is that if Ms. Palin is still on the ticket, it won’t matter how she performs. Her record and views will be widely known and independents(the voters a debate might sway) will be as appalled as most of the country by her more radical views. After Bush the country will be loathe to vote for anyone that believes God’s will includes oil pipelines or unnecessary wars. Not to mention her rather casual relationship with honesty.
    But good luck anyway.

  14. Scott said

    Does anyone notice the total lack of “uh… I uhhh… uhh…” patterns in her speech?

    Now, go to ANY commentary coming from Mr. Obama where he is not standing behind teleprompters…

    Does that mean anything to anyone?

  15. Joel said

    Toby lives in an alternate reality. The liberal Dems are AFRAID of Palin. Their negative attacks on her family will backfire BIG time.

  16. Keith said

    Sarah Palin looks like a stripper dressed as a secretary for a party.

    She and her daughter were both knocked up with unplanned pregnancies at the same time. Is McCain going to have Jerry Springer pick his cabinet on his show? “Next on Jerry – Are you Fat and All That? Now you can also be Secretary of State, too!”

  17. Ted said

    I am not a liberal dem, nor am I a conservative repub. The Palin nod demonstrates the subtext of most most elections: (1) the Repubs will support whomever the party elite select, and care not what their actual economic or international positions are, as long as they are anti-abortion and Hawkish; (2) the sole reason for the Repub’s selection relates nothing to “Country First,” as is the theme of the election, but instead relates to their very purpose in life: remaining in power. Conversely, during the Starr inquisitions, there were a substantial number of dems that questioned the decisions and positions taken by the then President Clinton. Again, at the very most, the current population of conservatives, while quietly polling against Bush, refuse to take a public challenge against the most unsuccessful president in modern history. These same people, who may have been voting during the Nixon years, would have argued in his favor. Palin finds herself in a comfortable place in history. As to how she will do with Biden, the Repubs will do the same thing they did in 2004: ask the American people to “lower” their expectations as to how things will do for their candidate. As an independent, I am tired of lowering my standards and expecting less from my president.

  18. Doug said


    I’m assuming, as you are critical of Obama for pausing while he speaks, because, you know, he’s thinking, that you were/are more critical of Bush’s almost complete disregard for language. And as Obama’s speech patterns are apparently a deal breaker for you, that you did not vote for or support Bush.

    I’m obviously liberal and posting on a conservative board, and as much as I think we need Obama to win, McCain probably will, we Americans like nothing more than to feel like our mundanity is alright, and Palin delivers that in ways heretofore undreamed of. I know that’s an attack on her, but I really wish the Democrats would learn as much about the need to win elections as the Republicans already know. McCain will probably win, assuming he can turn the polling around, and honestly, part of me is hoping for it. I think the idea of a country where women have most of their rights over their own bodies taken from them by a woman (which, by the way, why is everyone presenting Palin’s decision to not abort her child in moral terms? If one believes there is a God, then there can’t in any real sense, be such a thing as morality. Zizek has written on this, if you want to check it out, but you won’t) and where we stop teaching science almost completely, and just teach the bible (yes, evolutionary theory is applied in many other areas of science) and other developing countries quickly over take us. Maybe I’m just trying to accept the inevitable, but I think it will take the almost absolute ruin of this country (i.e. when we become a tiny nuisance to China) for things to ever change. I don’t blame people, Otto Rank and Ernest Becker (among others) pretty much explain the actions of most of the people in this country. I just want everyone to have what they want. Sure Switzerland may have the Hadron Collider, but we have the Creationism Museum.

  19. richrath said

    If my browser hadn’t crashed after registering — thanks, Microsith — I was going to tell Scott the same thing that Doug said. Obama THINKS his answers through. I know thinking, especially critical thinking, is anathema to “movement” conservatives (as opposed to “real” or “old-school” conservatives), but maybe it’s time to have someone in charge who considers a wide range of opinions and advice, thinks it through, and makes careful decisions. Those ah’s are the sound many of us make while our brain sorts things out, so that we might say something well instead of simply spouting off.

  20. trey said

    Like most of the others who have viewed/commented on this video, it’s been helpful to have the chance to see Palin in a debate. Regardless of any opinions re: her debating abilities, what is most clear to me is that, based only on the views of each candidate expressed here, Alaskans made a bad choice electing her as governor, especially given the other two choices in the race, and I trust voters in the presidential election this year will be better at evaluating her as a potential leader of our country.

  21. cindy said

    Knowles w/a straight face said the “right to privacy” is “specifically stated in the Constitution” — not.

  22. Joel said

    Example of Obama thinking, Ummmmm Ahhhh, Change, Change, hope, hope, hope, change, ahhh, ahhh ummm….. You dems are ones to talk about taking what is given to you for a candidate. The liberals handed you that ultra leftist Obama over the much more qualified Hillary and now you have to suck it up and vote party line vs. your conscience. ha, ha, see you at McCain’s ignauguration.

  23. Josh S said

    he sole reason for the Repub’s selection relates nothing to “Country First,” as is the theme of the election, but instead relates to their very purpose in life: remaining in power.

    If there’s one thing Palin’s consistently done, it’s play nice to the power-mongers in the Republican party. Oh wait.

  24. Uncle Bob said

    The more I learn about Palin the more I like about her. Thanks for posting the video. It’s clear she has the Democrats rattled. The louder and more obnoxious the attacks the greater the level of fear.

    Why do they fear her? Because she invalidates the sacred beliefs of liberal democrats. Her life decisions and accomplishments counter them for all to see.

    How can a woman be successful and raise a family? How can a woman be successful, raise a large family, and cope with a special needs child? Without government assistance? How can the same woman cope with every hurdle life continues to throw at her; all the while step forward and help lead the greatest nation in the world? Just watch.

    Sarah Palin is what America has been waiting for, from a politician, this election.

    Besides all that, the response to her, from the left, has had a massive effect in mobilizing the right in support of her; and ultimately John McCain. Good job Lefties! Keep it up!

    Now, excuse me while I go donate money to the McCain/Palin campaign.

  25. Roger said

    Poeple are consumed with this vice presidential pick and are forgetting the real issue- Barack Obama. He is the most leftwing politician in the Senate today. He is a socialist, has inane associations with former terrorists, Islamic fascists, and the Chicago political machine. He is far far more dangerous than Palin could ever be, or ever dream of being.

    If you want high taxes- vote Obama. If you want gang-like attacks on the first amendment by leftwing bullies- vote Obama. If you want an unaffordable socialized medical system- vote Obama. If you want a nuclear Iran- vote Obama. If you want to empower middle east tyrants- vote Obama. If you want us to cut and run from Iraq- vote Obama. If you want $10/gallon gas- vote Obama.

    This is the issue. It is a real American war hero vs. a neophyte leftist idealoge in the senate. This message will be driven home over the next two months and it will become very clear to all.

  26. eaglewingz08 said

    All the libs are a dither over a woman who is more of a man and has more accomplishments than their #1 candidate for President. The more I see of her, the more she is a great choice. She is honest, real, authentic, smart and she is AMERICAN, unlike the #1 and #3 liberals on the democrat side. Great choice McCain. BTW while the Obamanation book is a little over the top from Corsi, the Freedoso book is utterly factual and guts the Obamanation much like Gov Palin can field dress moose or caribou. The dem party of rocky and bullwinkle is on the rocks.


    for this video of Sarah Palin debating Tony Knowles in 2006.  I’m guessing that would include more than a few Joe Biden staffers….

  28. Carol said

    Wow, Palin swept the floor with Knowles. No wonder she won the election and have a 80%+ approval rating from the residents of Alaska. Biden is toast.

  29. Peej said


    What an asenine comment! All of the salient points about Gov Palin have been made by other bloggers (some for and some against), but you, sir, showed that you are a low-class twerp.

    Since when in your miserable life is a husband and wife having a baby “… accidentally knocked up”

    I bet you are the life of the party in your pig sty!

  30. Quinn said

    she did ok in this debate….I think biden will handle things well though…she is kind of purrity though

  31. amason said

    I think Sarah Palin acquits herself quite well actually, but it is interesting to note that she won election as governor with 48.3% of the vote running against 2 Democrats (one running as an Independent) who split 49.4% of the vote.

  32. Mary said

    Our newest rockstar. Spielberg should offer Palin an acting job. She would bring quite a crowd to see her. But to run a country that is the largest in the world? You must be joking! She cannot take care of her babies nor direct her teenagers to a proper living. Is this what our country will be taken care of and director by an arrogant, selfish mother who has nothing but showoff?

  33. John said

    Isn’t the right wing supposed to be the hateful wing? Most of you should take a look at what you’re writing, anonymously I might add, and see if you’re sure you well represent the party that is supposed to stand for tolerance and open mindedness.

    By the way, some of you don’t seem to realize that its a TWO PARTY SYSTEM, and has been all along. Both parties are complicit. It’s hilarious to see the paranoid accusations, mostly from leftists. You act as if whatever party you oppose has invaded the USA, and overthrown you, instead of behaving in a civil fashion and realizing that each party is composed of fellow Americans, and that our country is in the shape its in due to the failures of both parties. Neither party has had unlimited power at any time, no matter how fervently you wish to be able to claim governmental oppression for your own cause.

    You should really consider the fact that people who are anti-gun, who think the military is composed of morons and killers, and who scream for ‘peace’ (but not for their enemies) should really think about if you want to step up the level of partisanship in this country. We’re all bitter, violent, drunken gun owners who just can’t wait to meet Jesus, remember? The stench of your patchouli alone is hardly enough to deflect our bullets.

  34. BJL said

    What is it with the left and their obsession with killing babies within their mothers?

    I applaud Sarah’s consistencies regarding life.

    The true heartlessness is on the left as they insist on guilt-free killing of vulnerable babies within their mothers yet you go to jail if you kill a moose (out of season)or eagle or some “endangered” specie.

  35. She's toast said

    I don’t know what debate folks who thought she won were watching but that Independent clearly wiped the floor with both of them.

  36. JustJoe said

    Seriously? I keep waiting for the wow factor, and I just don’t get it. She’s pretty well spoken, but I don’t see anything outstanding here. Hunting and fishing, a stubborn and IMO heartless pro-life stance, and “what the people want” seem to fill a lot of her answers. Granted, I have no idea what’s important to Alaska voters – maybe those things are – but I would have voted for the Independent too based on this debate. She uses a lot of words to make a simple point and did the guy leading the debate correct her once or twice? Jeez. I honestly am pretty middle of the road, and I just don’t see what people are so excited about.

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