Posted by PrestoPundit on 09/01/2008


People in Wasilla are Alaskan tough, so not only does a thing like teen
pregnancy not seem like anyone’s damn business, but it’s also not seen
as the calamity so many people in the lower 48 might think it is. This
is dangerous country — it’s not just the roughneck jobs on cable
reality shows. It’s real life here. I listened to the absolutely
heartbreaking story of how the godfather of Track Palin, Sarah’s oldest
son, died in small plane crash just minutes after having dropped off
four kids. Another family invited me into their home and told their
incredible story; with one son in Iraq, their other son was working on
a conveyor line in Anchorage, got caught in the belt and had his head
partially crushed. He lived to stand across the kitchen table from me
and his parents, looking fully healed just three months later, grinning
at his dumb luck and wondering what comes next in life. “It makes you
realize that a thing like a little teenage pregnancy isn’t such a big
deal,” his mom said. “Bristol–and lots of other girl like her out there
— are going to be just fine.”

If you haven’t guessed yet, the people here are genuinely friendly.
Even those in Palin’s inner sanctum who have been told since Friday not
to talk to reporters by McCain’s media team, are almost apologetic that
they can’t be neighborly and chat, since you came all this way to
little Wasilla. And those who can talk, do. All weekend they had the
decency not to pretend that they didn’t know the governor’s eldest
daughter was pregnant. But they also expected decency in return, that I
wouldn’t be the kind of person to make sport out of a young girl’s slip.

The fact is, regardless of what you will hear over the next few
days, Bristol’s pregnancy is not a legitimate political issue. Sarah
Palin is a longterm member of a group called Feminists for Life, which
is not opposed to birth control. So you probably can’t tag her for
consigning young people to unwanted pregnancies

As for the idea — sure to be floated–that the avowedly anti-abortion
Palin may have pressured her poor daughter to ruin her life by carrying
an unwanted baby to term, I wouldn’t bet on it. The Palin family seems
to share the same pro-life values going back at least as far back as
anyone here can remember, and it wouldn’t be at all surprising if
Bristol wore those values, however imperfectly, as her own. At least,
that’s what the town thinks. And Wasilla, above all, is pretty sensible.

UPDATE:  If you look close, it’s pretty clear that Bristol Palin wears an engagement ring from her boyfriend.

The NY Daily News has a picture of the boyfriend, and reports that the pregnancy was no secret in Wasilla.  The two have been dating for about a year, the DN reports.



  1. Jim said

    I hope she didn’t get any STD’s too!

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