Posted by PrestoPundit on 08/31/2008

 I especially admire the college professors who are out smearing Palin.  A handful of history professors who’ve sent money to Obama are telling reporters that Palin isn’t up to the job of Vice President.  None of this is disclosed to readers.  And professor Alan Wolfe in the New Republic is spreading the outrageous lie that Palin named her kids after witches.  Believe it because it’s true.  If Palin were a private citizen she could own Wolfe’s house, Wolfe car, Wolfe bank account and the New Republic to boot, if she should want them.  I’m guessing she wouldn’t.

UPDATE:  Alan Colmes is joining the smear fest.  I love it when lefties get into peoples personal business.  Shows us who they really are.  And yes, Alan Colmes, babies are born at 8 months, and they aren’t simply tissue to be left to die at that age.  Ask my wife.

UPDATE II:  Protein Wisdom has a Palin smear roundup.  The sad truth is he’s only skimmed the surface of the cesspool that’s out there.


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