Posted by PrestoPundit on 08/31/2008

Read the first chapter (PDF file).

The hard copy is currently sold out.  The paperback has yet to be offered at Amazon.

Here’s the story of the book and what happened Friday:

A local [Seattle area] publisher is scrambling to fill orders for about 40,000 copies
of the only biography of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, which until Friday
morning had sold just 8,000 copies.

“What a stroke of luck,” said Kent Sturgis, publisher and co-owner of Epicenter Press in Kenmore [Washington].

He had 3,000 copies of the hardback version left on Friday morning,
when Republican presidential candidate John McCain announced Palin as
his running mate.

“We decided right off the bat that we better go ahead and do a
paperback version,” he said. “We were producing copies of this
paperback about 14 hours after the announcement, and they’ll all be
shipped on Tuesday.”

The book had climbed to No. 7 on Amazon’s best-selling-books list by Saturday evening.

Called “Sarah: How a Hockey Mom Turned Alaska’s Political
Establishment Upside Down,”
the biography was Sturgis’ idea. He
recruited Alaska author Kaylene Johnson to write the 160-page book,
which was released in April.

Sturgis met Palin at a Fairbanks fundraiser in 2006, and “boy, she’s
really interesting,” he said. “No matter what you think about her
politics, she’s an interesting and an unusual politician.”

About the author:

Kaylene Johnson is a writer and long-time Alaskan who makes her home on
a small farm outside Wasilla. She enjoys hiking, skiing, and horseback
riding in the backcountry. She is married with two sons and two
grandsons. Her award-winning articles have appeared in Alaskan
Wilderness Discovery Guide, Alaska magazine, the Los Angeles Times,
Spirit magazine, and other publications. She received a BA from Vermont
College and holds an MFA in Writing from Spalding University in
Louisville, Kentucky.

UPDATE:  Sarah Palin through the years — the pictures I’m guessing Sarah Palin doesn’t care if you ever see.

Also this.  Sarah Heath does the sports report:


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