Posted by PrestoPundit on 08/29/2008

In fact, Sarah Palin has more foreign policy executive experience than Joe Biden, John McCain, and Barack Obama combined.  Among other things, Palin has negotiated an arrangement where by Alaska natural gas will be piped across the Canadian border and into the United States.

For MSM idiots who haven’t looked at a map, Alaska has an international border with Canada, and is next door neighbors with the Russian Empire, and shares a fishing region with Japan and South Korea.  A governor of a state the size and location of Alaska necessarily has all sorts of contacts and negotiations with foreign governments.  It’s part of what a governor of Alask does.

UPDATE:  It looks like the idiot MSM are simply echoing the idiot Obama campaign:

“Today, John McCain put the former mayor of a town of 9,000 with zero
foreign policy experience
a heartbeat away from the presidency.”

Maybe it’s just that Obama is so utterly lacking in executive experience at the local, state, and federal level and so ignorance of the functioning of a federal system that he doesn’t know what a governor does.  Of maybe he’s just lying.  It’s not like it hasn’t happened before.  A very weak and amateurish response on Palin from the Obama campaign.

UPDATE II:  I forgot to mention that Palin is commander of the Alaskan National Guard, an organization with troops currently in foreign countries out fighting America’s enemies.

Here are some pictures of Palin meeting with Alaskan guard troops in Kuwait:

And watch videos of Palin with Alaskan troops in Kuwait here.  And here’s a clip of Palin engaging in a bit of training with the troops:

If you watch closely, you can see her lick her lip in anticipation of getting to fire the gun.

UPDATE:  Jonah Goldberg posts an email giving more details on the national security role of the Alaskan National Guard and of an Alaskan governor.



  1. Bill Woods said

    “Maybe it’s just that Obama is so utterly lacking in executive experience at the local, state, and federal level and so ignorance of the functioning of a federal system that he doesn’t know what a governor does. Of maybe he’s just lying.”

    It’s terribly unfair of you to accuse Obama personally of this. Don’t you know that all mistakes are the fault of his aides and staffers?

  2. Bob Woods said

    A little background on the 49th…actually not under control of the governor, but part of the Colorado Springs operation. Decisions as to carrying out its mission aren’t actually a part of the governor’s daily business, as you seem to imply.

    The 49th Missile Defense Battalion (GMD) was activated on January 22, 2004 at Fort Greely. The battalion will provide operational control and security over ground-based interceptors located in Alaska to protect the nation from limited ballistic missile attacks. Alaska National Guard Soldiers will man the battalion as part of their homeland defense mission.

    This is the first unit of its kind.

    The battalion is part of the 100th Missile Defense Brigade (Ground-based Midcourse Defense) headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colo. The battalion, which at full-authorized strength will number 110 soldiers, will provide operational control and security over ground-based interceptors located in Alaska.

    Alaska National Guard soldiers will man the battalion as part of the homeland defense mission.

    Reading some of the posts, it amazes me how folks can’t stay with the issues, but have to resort to name calling. Guess it has something to do with a lack of intelligence?

  3. Mike said

    You can try to protect Governor Palin all you want. Very nice lady from the look of things.

    However, what you are talking about here, are state matters and free trade issues. Oil is a commodity not a foreign policy issue. The Alaska National Guard is a state issue, that many individuals could handle.

    What will Sarah do when John cannot make the calls? Will she hold a PTA meeting or a tea with Hugo Chavez or Putin.

    Come on get real she has not been tested in high level Brinkmenship of foreign military discussions.

    Then having said that, I don’t think there are too many people who have had the opportunity.

    Foreign policy doesn’t mean you need to be able to fly a jet fighter or shoot a gun. These are killing machines.

    Foreign policy is what a acountry has set forward as it’s beliefs and how that interfaces with other countries beliefs.

    Much better to talk to and negotiate by understanding each others needs and wants without resorting to Sarah firing a gun or McCain getting into a fighter plane.

    To have good foriegn policy it is necessary to get the country behind you and not play these little divisive games that the Republicans are doing. There are more people in the United States of America than the Republicans. There are also every other political party that exists in the US as well as a multitude of religious factions, races and gender.

    If you look at the Republican platform, it excludes every other froup outside the Republican party. If you are not a member you are not a patriot as stated in the convention yesterday. McCains plan is grey haired and narrow minded

    If you look at the Obama platform,it includes everyone with one purpose. TO UNITE THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA as ONE NATION UNDER GOD (whatever religion,race or political affiliation).

    Wouldn’t it be good to have a United US. I do and I am from Canada. From my perspective the US today is suffering from major corruption at the lobbiestsshigher levels of government all the way to Bush, all of your jobs have been sent overseas for dollars, you have 9 Trillion dollars of debt (who owns that?)I can carry on….but I won’t, you already know what I would say.

    Now you want to have a nice you lady from Alaska to be your VP and deal with your foreign policy and economy. She will be on an extreme learning curve so steep I am not sure whe will be able to balance it with her home life.

    You should also note that when you see John interacting her he demonstrates an appeasing attitude towards her, whatever that is for.

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