Posted by PrestoPundit on 08/29/2008

This was a great speech and a great performance.  She obviously admires John McCain and John McCain is clearly pleased with his selection.  I can tell you that women with children are very excited about this pick.  With a staggering 20+% lead among married men already, if McCain-Palin ticket can pull in such numbers with married women, this election is over.

UPDATE:  They love Palin in the state of Washington.  Sample quote:

Tony Benegas, 47, West Richland, a city councilman and a delegate to the national Republican convention:
“What an awesome pick. She’s just an incredible person. Very
conservative. Extremely pro-life. I’m just awe-struck. I can’t think of
a better choice. She’s a gorgeous lady first of all. Five kids. Talk
about shattering the glass ceiling … Here’s someone I can
wholeheartedly support.”

UPDATE II:  Will the New York editors of the women’s magazines put their leftist ideology aside in favor of telling the story of Sarah Palin their red state readers would love to read.  I’m going with left wing ideology until I see evidence otherwise.  UPDATE:  PEOPLE magazine:  Five things you didn’t know about Sarah Palin.  Maybe I’m wrong.  Let’s see what Red Book and Vogue and Vanity Fair, etc. have to say.


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