Posted by PrestoPundit on 08/29/2008

WSJ:  A Sarah Palin profile.

Mark Steyn:  The hostes with the moosest.

Ann Althouse:  Wow!  Great Performance!  Fabulous first walk on the national stage!

NEWSWEEK:  Sarah Palin — Quick Facts.

Anchorage Daily News:  2006 Palin profile.

Washington Post:  Palin TV spots from 2006.

Mary Pemberton:  They love Sarah Palin in Wasilla, Alaska.

NewsMax:  An interview with Sarah Palin.

Fred Barnes:  A record of integrity matched by few elected officials.

Hugh Hewitt:  Why we’re cheering the Palin pick.

Michael Medved:  What Palin brings.

ABC News:  Four time Iron Dog champ Todd Palin.

Noemie Emery:  How Palin shakes up the race.

Newsbusters:  MSM pins a label on Palin, while leftist Joe Biden goes unpinned.

TIME:  An interview with Sarah Palin.

WSJ:  Sarah Palin talks food and excercise.

Steve Sailer:  Palin vs. Obama on corruption and reform politics.

Mark Levin:  A terrific choice.

Washington Post:  Palin vs. Big Oil.

Congressional Quarterly:  McCain pick makes for historic election.

John Avlon:  The game changer.

Homer [AK] News:  “An amazing and honorable person.”

Boston Globe:  Palin on Christianity, creationism, abortion, same-sex marriage, etc.

Hot Air:  What did Palin really say about creationism in the schools?

LGF:  Sarah Palin and Creationism.

WSJ:  Palin & Big Oil.

BusinessWeek:  The gas pipeline and why Alaskans love Palin.

Ann Althouse:  A VP with bangs?

Seattle, P.I.:  Washington State’s Democrat Gov. praises Palin.

Nice Deb:  I screamed!

NEWSWEEK:  An interview with Sarah Palin.

Riehl World  Citizen politician threatens the permanent leftist establishment.

NY Times:  An outsider who charms.

Washington Post:  Chief fired by Palin speaks out.

Flopping Aces:  Beating MSM distortions about “troopergate.”

Fred Barnes:  An up and coming GOP star.

Macomb [MI] Daily:  Locals say Palin a ‘great pick’.

Globe & Mail:  A Sarah Palin profile.

Craig Ferguson:  Palin has a “naughty librarian vibe.”  McCain-Palin buttons, stickers & gear.

A Sarah Palin picture — more pictures here and here.

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