Posted by PrestoPundit on 08/28/2008

to conceal the character of his political thinking during his time at Harvard and the U. of Chicago?  And why did Obama make sure not to publish a single scholarly article during all the years he was a law professor at the U. of Chicago?  And, just to put a highlight on it, why did Obama vote “present” over 125 times while in the Illinois

The WSJ’s Daniel Henninger calls Obama the most mysterious Democratic presidential candidate in the memory of any living voter, and he has a point:

A New York Times article on his years at Harvard Law, where he was editor of the law review, said, “In dozens of interviews, his friends said they could not remember his specific views from that era, beyond a general emphasis on diversity and social and economic justice.” A similar piece on his years teaching at the University of Chicago Law School said he notably did not participate in its intellectual debates.


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