Posted by PrestoPundit on 08/26/2008

puts a 16 year old’s book on Amazon’s best sellers list.  Last I look it was #4.

Speaking of Rush, a couple of months ago Limbaugh posted this on his web site:

As far as we know, Sarah Palin hasn’t lied about her education, hasn’t plagiarized anyone’s speeches or adopted anyone’s biography, hasn’t been a coke user, hasn’t tried to hide her close associations with terrorist bombers, American hating racists, and communist agitators, and didn’t seek out radical professors in college.  She hasn’t worked legal cases for a convicted slum lord, she hasn’t purchased property at discount in concert with a convicted political fixer, and she hasn’t spent her career working up the ladder rolling logs with the most corrupt politicians in America.  So Sarah Palin doesn’t have the qualifications for the Presidency and Vice Presidency of Joe Biden and Barack Obama, but she still might make a fine public official.  I’m just sayin’ ..


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