Posted by PrestoPundit on 08/25/2008

while a stunning 60% percent of Americans consider themselves “conservative” or “somewhat conservative” and a trifling half of that — 27% percent  — consider themselves “liberal” or “somewhat liberal”. 

The truth is, almost nobody in America is a “moderate”.  Contrary to what you read in the MSM, it’s correct to call America a divided country because we are a divided country.

The reason it sometimes seems there are a lot of “moderates” in America is because that is the label left leaning elites use for themselves to distinguish themselves from the full blown leftist within their peer groups, while at the the same time allowing these left leaning elites to conceal their actual non-majority ideological orientation from the wider public.  This is why you’ll find left leaning news anchors or left leaning law professors describing themselves as “moderates” — in contrast to those in their social circle and intellectual class they are “moderates”.  In contrast to most Americans, well, they’re liberals.


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