Posted by PrestoPundit on 08/18/2008

Well, most all of us trim our sails with our friends, and in an interview Warren makes it clear he’s not about playing hardball with a friend.  If Obama did dozens of interviews, and McCain and Obama did dozens of shared forums it would be one thing.  But it is quite another when Obama goes for months in a virtual cone of silence, allowing almost zero press interviews, and when Obama has refused to go about the country doing town hall meetings with McCain.

In all the time since Obama began running for the Presidency, I can only remember a handful of times Obama has allowed himself to sit down for an extended interview — and its been months since I can remember him doing that.  And when Obama does agree to do an interview, it turns out to be with a man who Obama knows considers himself Obama’s friend and man who wants to remain his friend, and who has a professional interest as a preacher in continuing that friendship.

The most central facts that the American people need to know about Obama are facts that anyone would consider big league hardball if they were asked of him — facts about lies, facts about complicity in corrupt Chicago politics, facts about Obama’s hateful friends, facts about Obama’s long history of deeply partisan, extremely far left politics.  And to pin Obama down would take a deeply informed and talented political interviewer, who knows how follow up, and knows where the dodges are going.  And an Obama friend and get along with everybody preacher like Rick Warren in not going to be the man to help American’s now who Barack Obama really is.  He’s not.

It was all great and good to hear at least something unscripted from this man with such great ambition for high office.  But a Rick Warren powder puff interview is no substitute for a real interview or debate in the hard ball leagues, any more than would an interview with smoozer Larry King or Obama friend Oprah Winfrey.


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